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February 2008

Bread Savory

French Bread with Julia Child

Baking bread from scratch always makes me stop and really appreciate baking. This French Bread, a classic recipe from Julia Child, is like being in a sometimes difficult, but always rewarding, 9 hour relationship. You have to figure out what…

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Breakfast Cakes Recipes

Mocha Coffee Coffee Cake

This breakfast cake is a bad influence.  Not possible, you say?  Well, when chocolate and coffee join forces against me, I crumble.  This cake made me want to call in sick to work this morning, and just spend the day…

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Biscuits Breakfast Recipes

Pecan Sour Cream Biscuits

These Pecan Sour Cream Biscuits take me back home.  I come from a biscuit loving family.  We take our biscuits rather seriously.  My Dad makes what he calls Mile High Biscuits.  They’re light and buttery, a beautiful golden color, and…

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Beyond the Kitchen

The Sweetest Week- Ever.

It’s been another sweet week folks!  It really has. Sweetest things that happened to me?  I was gifted a bag full of home grown blood oranges.  Pretty sweet.  Every night this week I read The Gourmet Cookbook before I fell asleep,…

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Beyond the Kitchen

My Peeps in a Row

I have my peeps in a row.  Now what do I do with them?  With over a month until Easter, I have many many days to spend with many many peeps.  Don’t get too attached, things will to happen to…

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Breakfast Fruit Healthy Muffins Recipes

Gnarley Muffins

While they may not be the prettiest muffins you’ve ever laid eyes on, they just might be the healthiest.  These little gems are packed with banana, apple and flax seed goodness.  For those of you who aren’t nutrition obsessed California…

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