Joy the Baker. The Podcast, 1.

I love to cook. I like to share. I have watched countless hours of cooking shows, and I have a camera. All of those things can only add up to one thing: I made a podcast!

My first leap into podcast land is with Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake. You’ll see the cake made from start to finish. You’ll see my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer. You’ll see my dorky face saying dorky things.

(If you don’t see a video player above, you may need to upgrade your Flash Player.) I know… don’t shake your fist at me! Just in case, here is a YouTube version (lower quality) of the same podcast after the jump.

I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know if you love it, or if I should go kick rocks. You can find the post and recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake here. Stay tuned for Poddcast 2: Fondant

Serious Apple Yum.

62 thoughts on “Joy the Baker. The Podcast, 1.

  1. Great stuff joy, just brilliant!

    You’re a natural in front of the camera. The quality of the footage is fantastic and I’m looking forward to number two! :)

  2. Wow! And then again – WOW!! Where can I start? The video was so professionally made and edited, you are beautiful and did the podcast gracefully, like everyone else before me said – you are a natural! And last but not least – I loved the way you tweaked with the recipe. Waiting breathless for your next, this one was a delight to watch (and a good way to finally “meet” you :)

  3. If I were a man I would ask you “Will you marry me?”….You are just gorgeous! You did fantastic! And that kitchen…that kept me distracted from the cheesecake! WTG!!

  4. wow, what a great podcast! totally professional looking :) you are so cute, and your intonations remind me of someone on TV, but i just can’t put my finger on it!

  5. You are so freaking cute! Great video! I didn’t join TWD when you all made this cheesecake so it was fun to watch you make it again. Can’t wait for the Podcast #2-Fondant!

  6. What a fabulous job!
    I never thought about reducing the cheese… but then that is what folks like you are for!
    I can’t wait until your next videocast or vlog post!

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