My Peeps in a Row

I have my peeps in a row.  Now what do I do with them?  With over a month until Easter, I have many many days to spend with many many peeps.  Don’t get too attached, things will to happen to these little buddies.  I can’t say it’s all going to be pretty.  Peep soup.  Peep show in the microwave.  Peep cat toys. I’m determined to make something yummy and entertaining with these suckers.   Do you have any suggestions?

11 thoughts on “My Peeps in a Row

  1. With our friends, we always buy the red Peeps (from Target, I’m not sure if they sell this color elsewhere), and do Peep Smores in the microwave 8) Of course you can use other colored Peeps, but the red ones are far more amusing… Green works well too, then they become ‘Zombie Peep Smores’ *snicker*

  2. I saw a really cute cake baked in round cake pans, iced like a sunflower face with yellow peeps as the petals (the peeps face “in” so that their tails are the petals). It was cute, and I would make it if I liked peeps, but sadly I can’t stand ’em. Love the idea of a “peep show”. Hee hee. What about Peep S’mores? :0)

  3. With the suggestion of adding chocolate and cookies, how about peeps S’mores? If the idea of skewering the peeps seems too violent, you can always do it in the oven instead. :-)

    I tagged you for a meme…

    1. Don’t judge, but I actually did this last week. I had plans to go camping with my boyfriend, but it rained one day and we cancelled… instead, I found myself setting up the tent in the backyard and desperately trying to make smores with what we had in the house, which was peeps. They turned out AWESOME, though they’re way sweeter than regular smores if that’s possible. The sugar on the outside get caramelized and bubbly, and even though I had a stomach ache after two, it made my camping-at-home experience wonderful.

  4. Laurie and Hilary- I’ll have to try your hardened peep idea. Odd, but cool! And I’m so looking into peep torture, although I’ll try to be kind to mine and just bake them.

    Linda- No peeps!? That’s a shame. I should send you some. I’m liking your peep pudding idea. Could be a good one!

  5. When I first read your post, I was like ‘What the f@#% is a peep?!’ but after reading the ever-so-unreliable Wikipedia, I know what they are now! I know they aren’t anything new, but we don’t get them here in Australia like most of your crazy American confectionery.

    Maybe you could use the peeps in a rich soft-centred chocolate/mocha pudding. Pop one in the middle and after baking, they should be all gooey in the middle, yeah? Peep pudding!

    Or have them floating in hot chocolate :)

  6. Like Laurie, I always cut a slit in the plastic and let them sit out so they harden up. Mmmm. Watching them puff up in the microwave is always good too.

    There used to be (maybe still is?) a website about “Peep torture” which shows different ways to “cook” with Peeps. Seriously.

  7. I love peeps. Love them. I am a tad odd in which way I like them. I like to let em sit around a while and harden up on the outside. They become a hard outer shell with a marshmallowy inside. YUM! I have plans to make cupcakes fashioned with some peeps for one of the boys. Im actually hoping to be a “Party Mom” at Easter for this very reason.

    Cant wait to see what you dream up!

  8. Agreed. Chocolate is a must. Hmmm… I wonder if you could make marshmallow fondant with peeps? hehe. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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