Simple White Wedding Cake

Some wedding cakes are more flash than flavor.  This simple white wedding cake was definitely not one of those cakes.  It was all flavor, no flash.  Joe and Jen had a simple, but elegant wedding in a beautiful old hall in downtown Los Angeles.  They wanted to keep the look of their wedding cake simple and clean.  We settled on a white buttercream frosting with a buttercream pearl border.  The cake was decorated with  fresh roses, lillies,  red raspberries and bright mint leaves.

While outside was simple and elegant, the inside had a wallop of flavor.


 Inside this simple, white, three-tiered wedding cake was a moist dark chocolate and espresso cake, filled with a vanilla bean buttercream frosting and fresh raspberries.  Yes, the outside is rather unassuming, but the center is filled with vanilla bean and fresh raspberry goodness- a perfect compliment to the rich chocolate.  The bride and groom were insistent about only one thing:  they wanted a raspberry in every bite.  Done and done.

One of the best parts about working on this cake was using my father as my set-up assistant.  The man know how to drive downtown Los Angeles with his eyes closed, so he was an obvious choice for assistant-  arriving at the venue with the cake in one piece is half the battle!  So mad props and many thanks to Cliff for being the rock star driver, and crooked table fixing master.  He even helped arrange the flowers.  Yea… he’s that good.

You should also know that these picture were taken in the days before my blessed Canon SLR- so be kind.

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13 thoughts on “Simple White Wedding Cake

  1. hi joy,

    i’ve volunteered to bake my sister’s wedding cake. no experience whatsoever, just raised my hand and decided to worry later.

    i was wondering if you’ve a recipe i could follow.

  2. Too bad that you don’t deliver your wedding cakes to Australia! I’ve decided to make my own (seriously, it’s hard to find tasty cakes in Sydney) but due to my non-existing decorating skills, I really have to focus on taste. No flashy exterior to be expected..;-)

  3. The cake is an amazing show stopper! I wish you lived on the East Coast because my birthday’s coming up and I would love to order Red Velvet Cupcakes from you (oh, how I love Red Velvet Cupcakes…they’re super fierce!)

  4. This is so pretty, Joy! I want a piece of this cake RIGHT NOW. It sounds so tasty.

    If you were in Melbourne, I’d get you to make my wedding cake! I’m not even engaged yet, I just want a beautiful wedding cake like this one made by you :)

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