The Sweetest Week- Ever.

It’s been another sweet week folks!  It really has. Sweetest things that happened to me?  I was gifted a bag full of home grown blood oranges.  Pretty sweet.  Every night this week I read The Gourmet Cookbook before I fell asleep, using it as a pillow.  Rather Sweet.  And I bought these farm fresh, brown spotted organic eggs and they fed me all week.  Super Sweet!

Here are my favorite, foodie blog posts of the last week.  They make me smile.  They make me hungry.  They’ve done their job.

Bakerella has got some serious skillz with fondant.  And that’s skills with a ‘z’ so it must be serious.  Her fondant Care Bear is complete with a heart on the butt.  Yea, it’s no lie.  I hope her next fondant creation is a My Little Pony or maybe a Garbage Pail Kid… that would take her from skillz to skiz-illz.  (Sorry, I’m ridiculous).

I heart Food Blogga  for her Honeyed Orange Ginger Muffins.  The citrus seems like a perfect way to brighten up a cold, unbearable winter.  Although you must forgive me, because both she and I live in Southern California and have no room to commiserate about winter.  Food Blogga also knows a lot about citrus and she’s full of good ideas.  Don’t take my word for it! Go see for yourself!

Tartelette… oh Tartelette.  She gets me every time.  This time it was her Strawberry Lime Tartelette creation.  And she has a new boyfriend…. he’s a hottie, but he’s no Pierre Herme.  Go for a visit.  You must.

4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Week- Ever.

  1. I love blood oranges! Not only are they delicious, they make everything look so dang pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog (I’m a Sophia girl, FYI), especially since I am still new (and my pictures are light years from yours). I’m just humbled to know I could make Joy The Baker laugh!

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