Beyond the Kitchen Fruit

Hello, Spring. Hello, Figs!

Spring has sprung and figs are growing! Their season is still a few months away, but I had to get a picture of these budding beauties in my friend’s backyard.

It’s possible that you may not understand my deep affection for figs. They are my favorite food, without hesitation. Figs are divine. Cosmic. They can do no wrong. Have you ever had a fresh fig? A bite into a good fig simultaneously sends three sign to my brain- sweet. purple. love. Call me crazy, but figs just have a hold on me.

And don’t get me started on Fig Newtons. While I will eat them once in a while, it’s not because they taste anything like a fig fresh from the tree. Fig Newtons and fresh figs are worlds apart… don’t get me started.

What am I going to make with this years budding figs? So far I’m thinking fig compote, upside down fig tart, fig jam on warm biscuits and lavendar and fig cupcakes. Any fig suggestions?