Ode to my Bench Knife

I’m not a kitchen equipment junkie.  I more of a kitchen minimalist.  I really couldn’t do without just a few things:  stainless steel mixing bowls, my darling Kitchen Aid, a cast iron skillet, and good metal measuring cupshigh temperature spatulas and my brilliant bench knife.

Don’t have a bench knife?  Well you should!  A bench knife is a 3-inch by 6- inch smooth piece of metal topped with a molded plastic or wood gripping handle. Don’t be fooled by the name, the edge of this piece of metal isn’t sharp like a  cutting knife, but it can still work its way around the kitchen.  It’s great for dividing dough, slicing refrigerator cookies and leveling off measured ingredients like flour and baking soda.  Some bench knives have measurements in inches along the cutting edge.  How handy is that!?   It’s also great for cleaning off counters and tables that might have bits of dough or flour on them.  It’s a simple and efficient tool that can be used as many ways as you can think up!  It’s a real gem!