Beyond the Kitchen

The Sweetest Week- Ever.

There were some pretty incredible and edible things going on in blog world this week.  Here are a few of my favorite sweet treats!

Food Rocks Man made the most beautiful Blanc Manger with Strawberries and Sponge Cake.  It  looks light, delicate and flawless.  I love the way he took an great Dorie Greenspan recipe and made it his own.  He rocks.  I can’t lie.

Mevrouw Cupcake made rustic Buttermilk Biscuits.  The picture literally made my mouth water.  Throw in some butter and jam and I’d be set for life.  Seriously… for life.  Mari says it’s the only biscuit recipe I’ll ever need, and from the looks of the photo, I’m inclined to believe her. 

Holly at Phemomenon put together a dangerous combination-  Raspberry Spiked Brownies and Vanilla Frozen Custard.  The dark chocolate brownies are dotted with fresh raspberries and the vanilla ice cream is too rich to be called ice cream,  so Holly calls it a frozen custard.  Heaven!  My reason #78 to get out of bed in the morning- warm brownies and vanilla ice cream, so clearly this entry was one of my favorites.

Thanks for the great recipes and inspiration.  It’s a sweet life!