Baker’s Day Off- At Disneyland

It’s hard to remember why my family went to Disneyland this past weekend.  It could have been because my sister was in Los Angeles from San Francisco.  It could have been because my aunt and uncle were generous enough to share their free tickets.  But in all honesty, I think the real reason for our Disneyland excursion was the hot apple fritters, churros, and hot fudge sundaes.

I don’t know anyone else who goes to Disneyland for the food.  Just admitting that feels kinda gross and perverse.  Gross or not, it’s the truth of my family.  Forget pictures with Mickey, we want a picture at the churro stand.  So silly, and strangely true.


My gorgeous sister eating a warm apple fritter in New Orleans Square.  They also have heavenly funnel cake and mint juleps.  Below, I’m trying to look as though I didn’t just eat the last bite of communal fritter.

I also learned a fantastic fact about Disneyland on this trip.  In Tomorrowland, where they house all of the futuristic themed rides, all of the surrounding plants and greens are edible.  What!?  I know!  It’s true.  See, Walt Disney, the big guy in charge, had a vision for the future when he created Tomorrowland.  He thought that sustainability would be important in the future, so he made all of the plants in Tomorrowland not only decorative, but edible.  There were lemon trees, cabbage, sage, strawberry plants, and rhubarb.  What a visionary!  I’ve been to Disneyland so many times, but I’d never before noticed the produce.  How cool is that!?


That was my day out of the kitchen.  Thanks to Dan and Judy for the lovely day!  I’ll be back with more kitchen adventures tomorrow!  That’s a promise.

11 thoughts on “Baker’s Day Off- At Disneyland

  1. In 1966 when I was 12 years old we visited Disneyland from PA. The highlight of my trip (along with the fact
    that Diana Ross and the Supremes were performing on a balcony) was the New Orlean fritter. Forty two years
    later I am still dreaming of them. They were just sooooo soft in the middle….almost underbaked. If I can’t
    have one at least it was great to see such a lovely picture…& that last bite must have been heaven! Anyone
    have a recipe?

  2. I know this post happened a little while ago, but I just found your site and had to comment on this particular submission! My husband and I recently relocated to the Northwest after living in Southern California and holding Disney passes and we, quite often, get cravings for the food at Disneyland. We’re partial to the Dole Whip floats, the turkey legs, and the churros. OH MY those churros. When we were undergrads, many a night trip was taken to Disneyland just for, you guessed it, the food. You are not alone. :)

  3. I just found your site, love it. It is nothing to be ashamed of to go to Disneyland just for the food. Over the years i have found that all food tastes a hundred times better at Disneyland, even the popcorn, is better then any popcorn i have ever had. Jambalaya at New Orleans Square, Mint Julep cups on a hot day, Pancake breakfast on a rainy morning, just thinking about all of the possibilities, makes my mouth water. A lot of people complain about the cost of food, but it is part of the experience.

  4. i make my husband take me to disneyland for their fudge. it’s magical. :) we have a picture from our honeymoon of us eating churros. my husband had never had one before.

    [but now that we have a baby, we’ll be going to disneyland for fudge and pictures with mickey.]

    ps-*love* your site!

  5. Neat blog, great photos and delicious looking desserts! Churros…yummy. I can’t get them where I live, but whenever we go to Knotts Berry Farm or amusement parks I always get some!

  6. Hahaha! We recently took our 1st ever family trip to Disneyland, and what did I do? Took a picture of us eating churros! The evening parade was starting and it turned really really cold. We didn’t know if we should eat the warm churros or use their warmth for our hands! I did not know that about Tomorrowland, infact I don’t think we even got to see that part, there’s so much we didn’t get to see. Maybe another trip another time.

  7. Actually, the food is the only thing I look forward to at Disneyland so you’re not alone! I only go on the rides because I *have* to….lol. Have you tried the pineapple whip? It is a. maz. ing. As creamy and delicious as it is, I did a little research online for the recipe and found out it has no dairy whatsoever! Apparently the whip has a cult following and there are posts about it all over the net.

  8. The first time I went back to Disneyland as an adult, I must have eaten 12 churros that day. Seemed everything we passed a stand I had to have one.

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