The Sweetest Week- Ever. Strawberries

I’m so thrilled about strawberries season, I can barely contain myself!  It’s still early in the season and I’ve already had my way with many berries.  Oh the possibilities are limitless!  Summer produce offers so many possibilities, it’s my favorite food season.  And peaches!  Don’t even get me started on peach season.  That’s when I’ll get into some real trouble!

It seems that strawberry fever is spreading across blog land.  Here are a few of my favorite strawberry entries this week.

Miri of Room4Dessert made a Strawberry and Cheese Mousse Tart.  With the bright red beauty of the strawberries, the tart looks absolutely irresistible.  So much yum!  And beautiful photos too!

Pastry Studio experimented with Strawberry Balsamic Sherbet.  It seems to have to simplicity of strawberry sorbet with a touch of good balsamic and cream to accentuate the beauty of the fruit.  Brilliant!

And lastly, Helene of Tartelette always brings the goods.  She’s incredible.  This week she delighted with  Ice Cold Lemon Strawberry Fraisiers.  The dessert has three parts: Meyer lemon pound cake, Grand Marnier mousseline, and sliced strawberries.  Yea… it’s a serious time commitment, but just beautiful!

5 thoughts on “The Sweetest Week- Ever. Strawberries

  1. You know my stance on strawberries. It seems a cruel twist of fate that when I finally have all of these fantastic recipes and ideas before me, Florida strawberries go entirely unavailable and out of season :-( It was fun while it lasted…

  2. I love berries too, but unfortunately here in Chile the cold seasons are starting so I guess I won’t be having any fresh berries in a while… Great recipes, thanks for sharink the links!

  3. I share your unadulterated love for strawberries (and berries in general) and am unbelievably excited about berry season! That strawberry balsamic vinegar sorbet is definitely on my list the minute berries show up in DC farmer’s markets!

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