Beyond the Kitchen

It’s Business Time

Alright friends, we have some business to take care of.  Don’t worry!  It won’t be too painful!

It’s almost my birthday and I’ve decided to treat myself to a new cookbook.  I knew you were the people to come to for that sort of thing.  Help me out!  Do you have any cookbook suggestions?  Above is my old school Kraft Cookbook that has an irresistible pound cake recipe.  I’m looking for an awesome, not overly fancy, creative baking book.  You know things that I don’t, so I would LOVE your suggestions!  Leave me a comment and give me an idea of a book to buy.

Next- you’ll have to accept my humble, very humble apologies!  I haven’t yet sent out the cookies to the cookie winners from a few weeks ago.  I could list off excuse upon excuse, but please know that I haven’t forgotten about you!  The stars have not aligned to give me both time to cook and get to the post office with fresh cookies.  Your time will come, and it will be soon!

This week I’m working on a darling Memorial Day dessert.  I think it might be a winner, so look forward to that!  I’m also throwing together a wedding cake for Saturday.  It’s going to be a chocolate monster of a cake.  I’ll share pictures, I promise!