It’s Business Time

Alright friends, we have some business to take care of.  Don’t worry!  It won’t be too painful!

It’s almost my birthday and I’ve decided to treat myself to a new cookbook.  I knew you were the people to come to for that sort of thing.  Help me out!  Do you have any cookbook suggestions?  Above is my old school Kraft Cookbook that has an irresistible pound cake recipe.  I’m looking for an awesome, not overly fancy, creative baking book.  You know things that I don’t, so I would LOVE your suggestions!  Leave me a comment and give me an idea of a book to buy.

Next- you’ll have to accept my humble, very humble apologies!  I haven’t yet sent out the cookies to the cookie winners from a few weeks ago.  I could list off excuse upon excuse, but please know that I haven’t forgotten about you!  The stars have not aligned to give me both time to cook and get to the post office with fresh cookies.  Your time will come, and it will be soon!

This week I’m working on a darling Memorial Day dessert.  I think it might be a winner, so look forward to that!  I’m also throwing together a wedding cake for Saturday.  It’s going to be a chocolate monster of a cake.  I’ll share pictures, I promise!

19 thoughts on “It’s Business Time

  1. Happy birthday! i have to second the Pure dessert and Desserts by the yard suggestions and also throw in The Sweet Life by Kate Zucherman….The Sweet Kitchen suggestion is also a great one (the chocolate chip-espresso coffeecake in there is to die for)
    ….ALSO- Richard Sax’s Classic home desserts is my all time favorite, but it’s several years old and pretty much “the modern bible” for bakers, so I am assuming you already have it.

  2. I want to suggest In the Sweet Kitchen by Regan Daley, it’s a couple of years old, but it’s a goodie!

    When’s your birthday? Mine is Tuesday!

  3. Hey Everybody! So many great suggestions! Now it’s going to be a hard choice.
    Peabody- I’m loving your book from Babbo mostly because I want to enjoy a big bowl of pasta there one day!
    Sarah P- Coconut Lime cupcakes sound glorious!
    Latifa- I have the Cake Book, but the Chocolate Epiphany is sounding so tempting.
    Mary- I’ll throw the cake together, and with the grave of god, it will be pretty.
    Ryan- What unique suggestion! Thanks! It looks great!
    katy- You’ve got awesome suggestions! I have so much love for Alice Waters and Ruth Reichl! It’s looking like it’s going to be an expensive birthday for me!
    Melody- I love the Pastry Queen. That is such a fun book. Have you tried her Honey Almond Biscotti?
    Kate- I don’t have Pure Desserts, clearly I’m missing out!
    Madam Chow- Ok- I think it will have to be Pure Desserts! Thanks for all the great suggestions and the birthday wishes!
    Sharon- Have a great weekend trip! I heart Sherry Yard!
    Carrie- Paris Sweet! Obvious choice that slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder!

    Thanks Everybody! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I just spent too much time perusing your blog instead of packing for my trip this weekend! You have beautiful recipes that I’m eager to try.

    As for baking cookbooks, I love Desserts by the Yard.

  5. Boy, that’s a tough one. I love Carole Walter’s new book, Great Coffee Cakes, Sticky Buns, Muffins & More: 200 Anytime Treats and Special Sweets for Morning to Midnight. Also Pure Dessert, by Alice Medrich, A Passion for Baking, by Marcy Goldman, and The Weekend Baker, by Abigail Johnson Dodge. And anything by Beth Hensperger! And Happy Birthday!

  6. Pure Dessert by Alice Medrich is a MUST if you don’t already have it. Everything I have made from the book so far has been an absolute delight!

  7. The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters! Maybe not as great a baking book as others have suggested, but I love how she writes about food, and the book is incredibly instructive!

    Also, although not a true cookbook, I loved Comfort Me With Apples by Ruth Reichl, and all of her other books (Tender At The Bone is the first, maybe best to start there actually). She is an awesome writer and has had such a quirky, crazy life!

  8. I’m not sure what you have, but if you’re looking for something basic, you might try the King Arthur Flour Whole Wheat Baking Book. I got it for my birthday and I like it.
    And how do you throw together a wedding cake? That made me giggle.

  9. What i have and recommend:

    The cake book by tish boyle
    The essential baker by carol bloom
    A passion for baking by marcy goldman

    What i would like to buy soon:

    Chocolate Epiphany by francios payard
    Marshmallows homemade gourmet treats by: eileen talanian

    Or if you can wait until september, because they are more new good ones

    the choise is yours!

  10. So, you didnt pick me for the cookies, but I must admit I’m still *mildly* addicted to your blog…
    No suggestion for a new cookbook as I dont have many good ones of my own. I did however try out a SPECTACULAR recipe the other day- Coconut Lime cupcakes. Yes, lime in cupcake form. Weird the combination seemingly at first, but glorious bite after bite. Email me if you want the recipe.
    Other than that, keep up the amazing recipes, I love to read!

  11. Since I don’t know what you own I will throw a few suggestions your way.
    Desserts by the Yard

    Leslie Mackie’s Macrina Bakery and Cafe Cookbook

    Dolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen

    The ACE Bakery Cookbook(this is more bread)

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