Beyond the Kitchen Fruit

On Banana Cupcakes and Other Blogs

These are super moist, giant Banana Cupcakes from Joy the Baker: the early years.  Of course, since I’ve only been rocking this blog for a few months, I suppose I should say Joy the Baker: the early months, but it sounds more romantic the other way.  How long do I have to wait to come out with a greatest hits album?

Enough about me.  Today I wanted to tell you about three beautiful blogs that I just discovered.  I spend a great deal of time working in the kitchen and on my blog and when I do venture out to other blogs, I hit up the same ones all the time.  I’ve found my comfort zone.  This week, though, I ventured out into deep cyberspace and came back with some really lovely blogs for you to check out.  Maybe you know these people.  Maybe I’m completely behind the times.  Whatever the case get to know and love these bloggers as I have.

Almost A Chef is a lovely blog with simple yet creative recipes.  Daniel is an untrained food lover, experimenting and really creating some fantastic dishes.  His Baked Pears with Fig in Vanilla Syrup caught my eye.  The photography is charming and he’s got a very readable voice.  He’s a new favorite.

Do you know about Sophie at Mostly Eating?  She’s an English nutritionist that focuses on both healthy and sustainable foods.  I love her photographs and her whole site is just warm and inviting.  I especially liked the article dedicatd solely to rhubard– which yes, makes me a complete dork.

Lastly, Ashley at Artisan Sweets is amazing.  She is my absolute favorite new find.  Ashley was a pastry kid at Spago and now lives in Washington with her husband, two darling sons and her garden.  The photos on her blog are outta sight.  And she has orange scented scones, so now you must go visit.  Her voice is very personal and warm, and I just completely love the work she’s doing.