Vanilla Strawberry Ice Cream Treat and Cookie Giveaway Winners

Thanks to all of you for the kind words in my cookie giveaway.  I’m so glad I could lure some of you silent readers out into the commenting world with the chance at free cookies!

And the winners of fresh baked, express mail, Red Velvet Black and White Cookies are:

Megan of Meganscooking

Jennifer who is pregnant and probably really needs some black and whites

Tara who’s sister is a wiz at apron making

and Whitney in Chicago.  Good luck on your big test!!

I’ll be baking this week and ship those cookies off to you all soon.  And don’t fret, there are more yummy giveaways coming soon.  I just can’t help myself!

 What’s the strawberry treat above?  It’s a simple and surprisingly delicious dessert.  A bowl of quality vanilla ice cream, topped with sliced strawberries and drizzled with good aged balsamic vinegar.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but it’s a pretty incredible, fresh, perfect for summer dessert.  Go out on a limb and try this one.  Do it for me.

16 thoughts on “Vanilla Strawberry Ice Cream Treat and Cookie Giveaway Winners

  1. Woohooo!!!!! I cant believe I won…..I just called my sister and she told me that she has the perfect fabric for your new apron!

  2. Waaaahhhh, who more deserving of those cookies than a new mom of two… oh well, when you have your own little munchkins you’ll be dreaming of having any time to cook at all. I did escape last night and make them though… a little disappointed- if I ever make them again I’ll probably exchange the “white” glaze for a more traditional cream cheese something or other. I did however add my batter to a pastry bag and piped nice clean circles and they turned out perfect as far as shape goes. Just a thought…
    I’m using the rest of my strawberries and will probably add an angel food slice and drizzle some balsamic, plus add a little ice cream. Sounds perfect for summer- tomorrow is supposed to be 80 freaking degrees here, so it’ll be reminiscent of hot summer days!

  3. Hello Joy,
    My husband & I decided to cook breakfast together with our 20 month old son who loves to bake with us. We tried your Whole Wheat Banana Walnut pancakes and (once we remembered to put the baking powder in) we were so impressed and more importantly our little 20 month old guy ate 3 of them and LOVED them! Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it so much.
    Marie from Calgary, AB, Canada

  4. strawberries and balsamic is a totally underrated combo. I can’t wait till our Washington Strawberries arrive so I can enjoy it again. I usually serve it w/ a ricotta bavarian, but a perfect vanilla ice cream is another underrated delight!

  5. I’ve yet to try any of your recipes, I’m dying to try the Lemon Whoopie ones! I read everyday. Thought I would comment and tell you I found you thru a friend. I’m hopelessly addicted to reading your blog now. Its so yummy!!!

    Cant wait to start trying your recipes. Loved your podcast too!

  6. Yippppeeee!!!! I cant wait to try these cookies! Thank you Joy.
    And I have some strawberrys in the fridge so I’ll slice them tonight and try a splash of balsamic on top!
    Thanks for spreading the joy!

  7. Strawberries and balsamic…one of my favorites. I usually reduce the balsamic to a more of a syrup consistancy but I will have to try it just plain from the bottle!

    1. Reminds me of the ice cream stand at grade school events. Ah the days when life was care free. Thanks for the warm memories. Stay Productive

  8. I’ve never thought to try balsamic vinegar over strawberries and ice cream… I’m definitely intrigued! You have the best ideas!

  9. Might as well stay de-lurked….

    I bought some beautiful strawberries from the Farmer’s Market today. This is a great idea for them… I’m adding a slice of 7-up cake to uh, anchor it.

  10. Congrats on your blog doing so well and congrats to the lucky winners! Gotta love it! Your ice cream with strawberries and balsamic sounds like a good idea. My favorite salad dressing is a strawberry balsamic that I make. Yummy!

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