Beyond the Kitchen

Baker’s Day Off- San Francisco

Has the Baker had too many days off recently?

Forgive me, but with such beautiful mild summer weather, I can’t bear to keep myself in the kitchen.

With the spirit of summer under my wings, I took an overnight trip up to San Francisco to visit my darling sister.  She’s a bartender at Citizen Cake in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley.

Citizen Cake is a great place to get a unique dish without staring at your plate, wondering what the the hell happened.  It’s a creative and still approachable culinary experience.

Powdered Sugar Dusted Donut Balls are served warm with a fresh raspberry and sugar glaze dipping sauce.


An Omelette with Chick Peas, Fava Beans and Asparagus.   Tasted like a fresh from the garden breakfast.

Warm biscuits with scallions.  Hard to tell if they were sweet or savory.  The sweetness really came through and made these biscuits amazing.  Simple and delicious!

The view from my bar stool.