Cupcakes as Far as the eye can see

I feel like I’ve had cupcakes coming out of my ears lately.  I probably have.  But there are worse things, right?

Friends… we need to talk.  It’s about me, and how I need a vacation.  And how I’m actually taking a small vacation, making my July 4th weekend extra long and glorious.  There will be a pool, a bikini, sunglasses and… mojitos.  I’ll take pictures and share, promise.

Please allow me to leave you with these double chocolate and bright red velvet cupcakes.  Take good care of them while I’m gone.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!  Don’t eat anything I wouldn’t eat…

19 thoughts on “Cupcakes as Far as the eye can see

  1. Goregous cupcakes :)

    I really want to make these for my Christmas party next week, what kind of icing is on the red velvet cupcakes, if i may ask?

  2. Omigoodness… I just discovered your gorgeous blog. So while I hope you had a wonderful (well deserved) holiday, I’m really looking forward to your next delicious posting!

  3. Joy, enjoy your well-deserved holiday. I love reading your blog and am waiting for the time that I can get on my broomstick and come to you or you can teleport cupcakes to Oregon. YUM. Thank you.

  4. Have a great vacation Joy! I did another ode to you on my post to thank you for the great pick me up package! And by golly, if it kills me, I’m going to learn how to decorate cupcakes half as good as you! Happy 4th!

  5. I’ve only recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it very much. Hope you have a super holiday. Based on the pictures above, you definitely deserve one! K x

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