Quick and Easy Cinnamon Rolls- or not.

I was trying to cheat.  I was trying to take a short cut and it bit me in the butt.  Now, here I am with my tail between my legs, and big puppy dog eyes.

I’m a great baker.  Every great baker has their weak spots.  Mine happens to be cinnamon rolls.  Nevermind that I love the darn things!  I’m just not very good at baking them.  My one success is with these Sugar and Spice Cinnamon Rolls.  Good.  Really good.  But I’m looking for the ooey gooey, make you want to bite your pillow cinnamon roll.

I tried to take a short cut today to get a quick fix.  I had the clever idea to use Trader Joe’s refrigerated pizza dough, roll it out, cover it in butter, cinnamon and sugar, and indulge to my heart’s content.

Well… it wasn’t the stuff dreams are made of.  Maybe you can help.

Here’s the problem. When I roll up the cinnamon roll and slice it, everything is fine and good.  It’s when they hit the oven that things start to go wrong.  See, all the cinnamon and butter goodness oozes out of the roll, collects in the bottom of the pan and burns to high heaven!

Don’t get me wrong.  I still managed to eat the centers out of each and every cinnamon roll, but I almost lost a filling or two along the way.

What’s your cinnamon roll secret?  I need to know.  I’ve got a serious hankering!

You should also know that I blog about things other than cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.  Looking for a cocktail recipe, cookbook review, or killer pasta salad recipe?  Catch me if you can!

56 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Cinnamon Rolls- or not.

  1. I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before, so I don’t have any secrets to share…but I do have a serious craving for a cinnamon roll now.

  2. I’ve only tried one recipe but I really like it. It’s a bread base recipe, with a little more sugar. I’ve never tried to let it grow overnight, I’ll try it next time.

  3. When I cheat on cinnamon rolls I use a frozen bread dough instead of pizza crust. Let defrost overnight in the fridge, roll, rise, bake in the morning. Drizzle with a light almond icing. Now I want one. :(

  4. I use a bread machine recipe for my dough and a Cinnabon Copycat recipe for the rolls. If you are looking for ooey, gooey, yummy, delicious, try this recipe:

    When you spread the butter in the rolls, make sure it isn’t completely melted.. just softened. Also, I agree with lowering your oven temp. Chilling overnight helps as well.

    You are still going to have some goo seep out, but with this recipe you have so much filling left behind you won’t even miss it :)

  5. Great suggestions so far everyone! My mind is swirling with cinnamon roll possibilities! I’ve got King Arthur to try, over night rolls, biscuit dough, and I’ll definitely turn down the oven temp. Thanks everyone! Keep em comin’!

  6. Kinda like Evan up there, I’ll often use whop biscuit dough for my ‘homemade’ cinnamon rolls (I’ve also used Bisquick dough and crescent roll dough). I mush them all together, though, instead of doing individuals. Then I use your generally same method for making rolls, except we always used a round cake pan and not a muffin tin for baking.

    A lot of times, I use a pastry brush to apply melted butter to the inside – not too much, just enough to give the cinnamon-sugar something to stick to, and brush the tops after they’ve been put in the pan. The round pan thing might work, too, since if the butter melts in a round pan versus the muffin tin, it might bake differently…?

    Just a few thoughts. :)

  7. My favorite is an overnight roll — you make the yeast dough, let it rise once, cover the bottom of the pan in a caramely goop, then roll, butter & cinnamon and slice the dough and put in the pans, then cover and put in fridge overnight. Then in the morning take it out for 30 min and bake for 30 min. It takes night-time work but it’s great in the morning! I use recipes from http://www.allrecipes.com although I’m sure there are others out there. Good luck! You pictures make me want to make some too!

  8. I’m not a professional baker, but cinnamon roles are one of my specialties! Based on what you have shared, I have a couple of suggestions (if I may be so bold): lower the oven temp and cook on a rack in the middle of the oven; decrease the amount of butter in the filling or cook for a shorter amount of time.

    I really enjoy your blog – have it on my reader.

  9. Bummer! What a disappointment. I just wanted to say that picture of the dough all sliced and the cinnamon showing…FABULOUS. It totally makes me want cinnamon rolls NOW.

  10. My cinnamon roll method is good, but takes a lot of work for something not completely made from scratch. I use refrigerated biscuit dough, which means that I have to roll out each one separately, fill it, and roll it back up. I think its worth it. They’re pretty good, but I never put enough butter. Is it possible that you put too much butter and that’s why it all oozed out? (I know, too much butter? Never!) I don’t know…I feel for ya on this one.

  11. I don’t really have a recipe…I often cheat using Pilsbury’s cinnamon rolls (gasp!). But I do find that if I squish them together in a pan the ones in the middle are the gooeyest (is that a word?).

  12. I must confess I often cheat by using pizza dough to make cinnamon rolls at work. It’s a simple yeast dough. I just roll it out thin, butter it up, sprinkle liberally with brown sugar and cinnamon, roll and slice. I put them on a buttered sheet pan a few inches apart, then I let them rise for about 30 minutes. I bake them in a 350ish oven until they are golden which usually seems to take around 20 minutes. *shrug* And then the cooks have a delicious snack and make all the front of house people envious.
    When I’m at home and I have more time, I really like the recipe for yeasted coffee cake/ sticky buns in the Joy Of Cooking. When I don’t feel like waiting for multiple rises I usually make biscuit dough and roll that up with the goodness, and bake it in muffin tins- completely different texture, but equally yummy…

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