Easy Meringues with Fresh Strawberry and Kiwi

I’ve decided to have a very quiet and still weekend.

Today- more pictures than words.

I hope you all find a piece of peace this weekend.

These unassuming, simple and delicious meringues might be just your ticket to bliss.

Memaw’s Meringue Shells

Panache at Rose Hill

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4 egg whites

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon vinegar

Beat whites until stiff; add other ingredients and beat until shiny and very stiff.  Draw circles on paper sacks and spread with a spoon or pipe with pastry tube within the confines of circles (I did my meringues free hand).  Bake in 225 degree oven until lightly browned, about 45 minutes.  Turn oven off, leaving the shells in the oven to completely cool.  May be cooked before hand and stored in an airtight container until ready to use.  Serve with fresh sliced strawberries and kiwis, or any fruit or berries you see fit.

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20 thoughts on “Easy Meringues with Fresh Strawberry and Kiwi

  1. I will be making this tonight. I have so many leftover egg whites from making custard(y) things that this is perfect. Any vinegar is fine, right? I have in mind to use a raspberry vinegar :)

  2. Beieve it or not the one time i made a mirangue it turned out disasterous! its was supposed to go on top of a chocolate pie and somehow instead of ‘stiff peaks’ it turned kinda stiff then to liquid!! althou i had made sure that the bowl, whisk etc etc where clean and grease free..
    These cookies thingies look lovely btw!

  3. Pretty as the pictures Joy…& full of peace. Very nice & bookmarked. I love the depth in the whites & the startling contrast in colours. have a good weekend too!

  4. You know, I heard my great grandmother, Memaw, made these fabulous meringues but I was never lucky enough to have one. Will have to give it a shot.

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