15 thoughts on “I Fried

  1. I’m salivating already. Speaking of tease – when are you going to do another podcast? Or get your own show for that matter. Seriously! :)

  2. I can’t believe you fried Joy, because I fried too. And guess what…beignets & donuts…just like you! Haven’t posted it yet, but what an absolute coincidence. That too because I am quite averse to frying, & seldom do so.. LOL

  3. Joy, you should really have some consideration to those who need to fit into a wedding dress by December lol :[

    I will say “I don’t know how I gained all this weight. Its a conspiracy!” While in the dressing room I am munching on these soon to be delicious looking donuts!

  4. Tease indeed. What a thing to tempt me with while hubby is gone and I’m mopey! (Looks like I’ll be running a bit more this week to keep those off! Oh my!)

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