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Joy the Baker is Digging Deep

Joy the Baker has gone off the deep end a bit.  My schedule for the next week is simply beyond what I can even comprehend.  I need a body/baking double.

Right now I’m dealing with the stress by madly pacing my house and shoving handfuls of Reese’s Pieces into my face.  I wish one of you were here to stop me.

I know we’re in the middle of our sourdough starter madness.  Tomorrow is the seventh day of my starter.  It’s bubbly and smelly (in a good way), so I’m going to feed it, cover it and toss it in the fridge until I have a moment to bake up some bread and pancakes.  How are your starters going?  Have any questions?

While I’m away, take a moment to revisit this Joy the Baker Classic-  Blackberry Jam Cake.