Sourdough Starter Day 1

After a swift 24 hours of sitting on my counter with the lid ajar, here are the (less than exciting) photographic results of my sourdough starter.  

This is the starter just before it’s first feeding.  

I know this isn’t terribly exciting.  

I promise I’ve got some lovely recipes in store for you. I won’t make you suffer through watching bacteria grow for too much longer.

How are your starters coming?


22 thoughts on “Sourdough Starter Day 1

  1. when you first start out making the starter are you supposed to have the lid on? I would guess no, but didn’t see anything about it. maybe a cheesecloth?

  2. Missy- You’re totally fine with all-purpose flour! Don’t fret. I just used white whole wheat because I’m mostly trying to get rid of it. Ha! Today I added all-purpose flour without realizing it. I think all will be just fine :)

  3. Mine is puffy, but smells a little pasty. I didn’t realize that I should have use the whole wheat flour.. yours looked white in the picture. I used
    all purpose King Arthur Flour.. although I had some King Arthur white whole wheat flour.. will my bread be as good?

  4. clumbsycookie- I’m totally going to name my starter! I just don’t know what yet! :)

    Theresa- Yay!

    Avlor- Mine didn’t start to really grow until today, which I guess is it’s third day. Wow!

    Libby- You didn’t kill it! Just leave the lid ajar to let some air in, it should start to do it’s thing from now on.

    Arundathi- You should have some great luck!

    hannah- You’re so sweet. This stuff is totally exciting to me too. It’s just the pictures that might leave you wanting for more.

    Marion- I’m glad your nose is pleased. I used a white whole wheat flour from Kind Arthur. It’s smelling like some yeasty goodness.

    Maria- Thanks!

  5. Mine was started using all-purpose white flour and water. It smelled exactly like wallpaper paste and made me gag. My new starter: whole wheat pastry flour and water is doing great and smells delicious. I can’t wait to go to the next steps. Thanks for doing this project.

  6. “I know this isn’t terribly exciting.”

    YES IT IS. I’ve been waiting for someone to walk me through this for a very long time. THANK YOU!

  7. Started it today. Didn’t know I was supposed to keep the lid off – will do so. I’m a day late but with the hot humid weather in India, mine might do its THANG yet! (fingers crossed). Thanks for taking us along on the pancake adventure!

  8. Okay – so how did I miss that the lid was supposed to be left ajar? I put the lid on mine & it’s definitely NOT doin’ it’s THANG! Did I kill it? Do I still feed it today?

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