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Sourdough Starter Day 2 and Day 3

September 11, 2008

Now we’re cookin’!  

Above is Day 2 of the sourdough starter.  You can see a layer of yellowish liquid running through the starter.  That’s the hooch.  I just stirred the starter well before its feeding.  

Below is Day 3 of the “situation starter”.  Now it’s starting to get going.  I’m totally excited!  It smells slightly sour but still mostly floury.  I can see the bread at the end of the tunnel!


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  • this is day 3 for me… smells like cream… not so many bubbles as in your photos… the volume hasn’t increase… i was hoping to make a bread on monday, but i’m starting to wonder if my starter will ever grow… thanks for “listening”

  • Started my starter on Saturday, today is Thursday. Followed directions as best I could. Looked at it this morning and smelled it. It looks just like your picture and has a sorta flour, sour smell. Is it ready?
    This is the first time I’ve done starter without yeast, (grin). I got rid of my last starter years ago when I moved. I made it from an Amish recipe I found and since I couldn’t find it, I’m glad I happened upon your site.

  • Ok, I am not sure if fruit flies are a midwest thing but..they are going crazy by my starter.. any ideas how to keep them away?

  • okay – its totally doing its THANG! :D Yippee! Its got the hooch and I’m on Day 2 – and its all frothy and bubbly. Gonna stir it, dump half and feed it right now.

  • I just did my first feeding. I’m not sure if it’s doing anything yet. I did seem to have some hooch so I stirred it back in before dumping half and feeding. Hopefully it will look like more tomorrow!

  • Amy B- I know it was such a sad day. I didn’t know if I should mention it or not. But thanks for your words.

    Cassie- Yea! It’s looking good!

    Arundathi- You’ve got no love? Hm… is your lid ajar? Is the temperature above like 78 and below 100?

    Holly- Better late than never!

    Libby- I’m glad you’ve got some action! Very nice!

    Jaina- Funny!? :)

    Julie- Thanks! Sure, I can post some pictures of the dumping and feeding process.

    Aimee- SOURDOUGH DOUGHNUTS!? What!? what!? What!? Yes! I want now!!!

  • You’re going to try doughnuts, right?

  • Joy! ( I think you’re amazing by the way )

    but I was just wondering if you could post pictures of the feeding? (Throwing out half and adding in more flour/water, then do you mix it up, just let it sit? etc)

    Thank you!

  • We’ve got some action now! I fed it last night and this morning I also had “hooch” which I questioned, but see now that it’s a good thing :) Will keep feeding & loving and hope for the best.

  • I admit it … I procrastinated. But I finally started my starter tonight!

  • mine is on day 2 and it just sits there doing nothing. think it needs some lovin’ :)

  • Look at those bubbles! That means sourdoughy goodness!

  • Hi Joy, What a happy starter on such a sad day. Thanks for the brightness, bubbles & thoughts of what is possible on tomorrow’s breakfast table. It certainly brightens my day!

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