Surfas Restaurant Supply,Gourmet Food and Commercial Kitchen Design

Just like heaven.

I love Surfas Restaurant Supply and Gourmet Food Market.  With their seemingly endless shelves of sprinkles, funky Italian pasta, and variety of fancy rolling pins,  I could easily spend 4 hours and $4,000 dollars here. Luckily, Surfas is across a treacherous amount of Los Angeles traffic, so my urge to bust out the American Express is often squelched by my disdain for bumper to bumper traffic.

Sometime last week I was bitten by the shopping bug.  This bug convinces me that I simply can’t live without things like colored sprinkles (you’re all probably tired of the blue sprinkles) and giant waffle irons.  The shopping bug also somehow convinces me that I actually have money to spend of these items.  Dangerous combination.

With thoughts of colored sprinkles and new shiny kitchen appliances wafting through my head, I headed down to Surfas for some expensive browsing and a light lunch.

I wanted to share.

Let me tell you a little about Surfas.  Surfas has been owned and operated by the same family since 1937.  They stock their store full of amazing domestic and international food products, unique ingredients and virtually any type of cookware you can imagine.  They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that loves food as much as I do.  If one person doesn’t have an answer to my questions, they will certainly find someone who does.  The prices at Surfas are somewhere in between fair and pricey.  But really, for the quality of item I’m getting and the incredible array of products, I don’t really mind shelling over the dough.  Surfas also has an amazing reputation for amazing commercial kitchen design.  Can you imagine!?

Surfas also has a lovely cafe that serves breakfast and lunch.  I opted for the heirloom tomato salad and a lavender lemon bar.

The tomato salad was a perfect representation of summer tomatoes.  Couple with soft mozzarella cheese, roasted garlic, and fragrant and flavorful olive oil- I was in heaven!

Lavender Lemon Bars were the perfect balance of cream and tart lemon.  Lavender is sprinkled on top of the bar and also baked into the crust,  created a more fragrant experience than something you overtly taste.  Seriously yummy.

If you’re in Los Angeles I highly recommend spending an afternoon at Surfas.  If you’re far far away, check them out online!

Surfas Restaurant Supply, Gourmet Food and Commercial Kitchen Design

8777 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 558-1458

30 thoughts on “Surfas Restaurant Supply,Gourmet Food and Commercial Kitchen Design

  1. this seems just like my kind of place….thanks for the link to their online store which i am checking out right now……i agree…you cannot have too many sprinkles….lunch looks lovely

  2. I think I’m addicted to buying sprinkles. I have a variety of seasonal ones and I just keep buying more! A place like Surfas sounds heavenly, but I’m really glad I don’t live near one!

  3. that salad looks so wonderful and light. this store def. looks like a place i could really get bitten by the bug too…the bug also tends to bite at nordstrom, borders, banana….. :/

  4. Again you got me, my little muse! I checked out the website and am now $50 poorer, but soooo much happier!!! God, I love baking!!!

  5. Ohhh you are so very lucky to have this near. Sounds like a great place to browse all day in. I’m so jealous. Love these types of ‘great finds’.

  6. I love Surfas. When I win the lotto, I’ll be having my (newly hired) chauffeur take me here for a spree. I’ll also have to bribe them to give me the lavender lemon bar recipe. Those are so good. I eat one every time I visit. Do you think they use an emulsified butter lemon curd recipe? condensed milk? Whatever it is, it’s delicious!

  7. SURFAS!! one of my FAVORITE PLACES TO BE!!! i used to work near this place and when i finally took a lunchbreak to go explore, i was absolutely in heaven. i don’t even need to have a plan on what i’d be buying to go there.. i can spend hours there strolling in the aisles and just being inspired with what i could make. i would often oogle at that $3,000 mixer that they used to have at the front but i haven’t seen it there in awhile. i LOVE that place!! however, i still haven’t eaten at their little side restaurant but i think now this entry has helped to push me to make plans to go this weekend :) and i also did not realize you were based in LA until reading this entry. small world :)

  8. Ooh! I can’t wait till I’m in LA next so I can check this place out. Thanks for sharing!

    I love your blog! It’s on my regular reading list :).

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