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9 thoughts on “A PSA from Joy the Baker

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Hopefully the rest of our fellow Americans will realize how important this election is. We aren’t only voting for ourselves…we are voting for the rest of the world. They are affected too…especially those who don’t have the right to vote in their countries.

    That being said…the cookies look delicious…especially the pink one. It must be the icing.

  2. There’s this great little cookie shop near my favorite sushi place a couple of miles from my office (how’s that for convoluted?). They are selling the most adorable round almond cookies, all dressed up in a patriotic frosting motif. On one side of the basket sits a pile of “McCain” cookies; on the other, “Obama” cookies.

    In an effort to be bipartisan, I won’t reveal which side had fewer cookies. I will say that this lovely shop is located in Bethesda, MD, just a few miles north of Washington, DC.

    My cookie was happily consumed during last night’s presidential debate. :)

  3. I’ll take that cookie! Maybe we should give everyone who votes a free homemade cookie when they come out of the booth! If we wrote both names on them we could get an informal poll too!

  4. amen! i get upset when i see photos of other people in developing nations waiting for hours to vote and look at our paltry voter turnout. and, your cookie looks much yummier than my bumper sticker.

  5. So, I’m currently an exchange student in Norway (and not of age to vote, so I don’t matter) but I have a friend who, upon not receiving their absentee ballot due to a mail flub, is FLYING to the US, just to vote.

    If they can do that, you can walk to your local school or whatever. Seriously.

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