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The Internet sure is a big place.  Let’s make it just a bit smaller.  You and me.  Whaddya say?

You know you can’t get enough Joy the Baker.  Why not follow me on Twitter and become a fan of Joy the Baker on Facebook?

All of this Internet socializing is pretty new to this kitchen junkie, so I’m not as popular as the prom queen yet.  Oooh but with a little help from you, I’ll get there in no time!

Aren’t on Twitter or Facebook?  That probably makes you a far more focused and disciplined person than I.  I salute you.

Thanks for letting me shamelessly plug myself.  You’re dreamy.  Now, come on!  Follow me!

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12 thoughts on “Follow Joy the Baker!

  1. (I can’t remember if I commented about this yesterday or not. Sorry if it’s a repeat.)

    I found you via twitter; one of my contacts wrote a tweet with you “@”ed in it, and the name struck a chord with me, so I checked out your blog.

    LOVE IT!

  2. I’ve been a ridiculous facebook fanatic, pretty much since it’s inception. Altho I’ve always been weirded out being “friends” or “fans” of strangers, I’ll make an exception for you Joy, bc you are now a friend in my head and i love your blog. So I hope you don’t mind the weird stalking behavior… And, well I guess you invited weird stalkers to follow you, so you only have yourself to blame- thanks!

  3. I don’t get twitter (though, it took me over a year to “get” Facebook – so I’ll learn it eventually, I’m sure!) – but I jumped over to Facebook immediately to become a fan! :)

  4. You have such a beautiful site! I’ve been reading for a bit now and I LOVE it. My eyes fell out when i saw the carrot cake pancakes. I will definitely try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hey! I read along with you happily and I am on Twitter though, I don’t really understand it or what it does for me besides emails advising me that I am being “followed.” which I am trying to find creepy. Anyway, if you can figure out what it does for usm I’m in! The Hostess

  6. I became a fan! I’m not even sure what that does (I think I am facebook incompetent), but I did it anyway :)

    I don’t really comment much, but I’ve been reading your blog for ages now and I love it! I’ve shared it with my two fellow baking-loving cousins, and it seems like we three always pick out the same recipes to try!

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