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The Great Doughnut Hunt

October 13, 2008

There are endless things for a young, single girl to do in a big city like Los Angeles.  There’s shopping on Melrose.  There are afternoons at the beach in mid October.  There are concerts, countless happy hours to attend, and an array of ridiculously pretentious clubs to try to get into.

Yea…. those are all things that most normal twenty something girls might find the time to do.  I’d like to consider myself a special breed.  When I had a free morning a few days back I decided to go doughnut hunting.  Yes, I made up a new sport.  It involved just a few things:  doughnut shops, milk or coffee, and an empty and willing stomach.

Wanna play?  The beauty of this game is that you can do it in any city on any given morning.

This year’s doughnut hunt was inspired by the crazyinsane (new word) doughnuts I made a few months back.  They were painfully good and inspired me to… well… bring doughnuts back into my life any way I could.

I picked five Los Angeles doughnut eateries (I only made it to three before my pants button busted) and put my doughnut tasting skills to the test.  Here’s what happened (before my pants burst).

Say hello to the Doughnut Hut in Burbank.  They’ve got a clever retro sign and colorful, tiny little shop.  The outdoor seating is charming and incidentally, bee infested.  Seeing as this was my first stop, I opted for not one, but two fine doughnuts:  one standard sprinkle and another orange colored find.

It turns out orange colored, passion fruit- esque doughnuts are not exactly the way to go.  The troubled look on my face was only intensified when I realized that this particular doughnut tasted like an old churro, if a churro were a shoe.  Not ok.  The sprinkle doughnut, however, was perfectly cakey, and divine with milky coffee.

I stopped at the Donut Prince simply because there was the cutest old couple sitting in the window.  Old people know doughnuts.  They’ve been around long enough to know.  They’ve eaten more doughnuts that I have.  It’s simple mathematics.

It turns out that old people do have doughnut wisdom.  I, on the other hand, should not have ordered two more doughnuts.  Despite the shoe like taste of the passion fruit doughnut at the previous shop, I did manage to devour it.

Not sure if I can make it through these two doughnuts.  Like a true champion-  I do.  Doughnut count:  4.

No doughnut adventure would be complete without a trip to Krispy Kreme.   But, Krispy Kreme Drive- Thru!?  Oh the sheer gluttony.  Even after 4 doughnuts, two cups of coffee and a mini carton of milk, I managed to get out of my car to eat more doughnuts. Success!

Walking into Krispy Kreme is like walking into doughnut Disneyland.  It’s just magic.  Somehow, no matter how many doughnuts I try, Krispy Kreme is always my favorite.  They’re perfectly over sweet and literally melt in your mouth.  I think I went through at least two in the blink of an eye.  Ahhh…. sweet sweet doughnut adventure.

I literally have to hold my heart after a bite of Krisy Kreme doughnuts.  Is there such a thing as soul mate doughnuts?  Doughnut count:  7 ok…. probably more like 9.

I should make it known that shortly after this picture was taken, I fell into a deeply satisfying doughnut coma.  Thank you Carsen for being my able photographer and eager doughnut tasting partner.

My doughnut adventure inspired a new doughnut flavor.  It’s today’s most popular cupcake flavor transformed into doughnut form.  I’ll share soon.

So…!  When’s your doughnut hunt?

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  • be still my heart…i love doughnuts. chocolate glazed kk’s are my favorite but unfortunately all the kk’s here keep closing and i have to settle for buying them at the grocery store.

  • Hey Joy :)
    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and love it! At the moment I am reading it a 5.20am in the morning (all the way over in New Zealand!) after sitting up all night writing an essay eeek. Anyway..I definitely just went and ate two donuts out of a box of Dunkin Donuts one of my flatmates has in the pantry. Kind of gross at 5 in the morning after no sleep..but also totally worth it.
    Loves xx

  • I, too, love a good Krispy Kreme. My husband doesn’t, so I rarely get them, but when I do, it is pure bliss!

  • You are a real champion. I eat about half a doughnut and have to call it a day.

    This might just be a regional chain (I live near Cincinnati), but my favorite doughnuts are from Busken Bakery. They have a cinnamon swirly one topped with maple icing and peanuts. HEAVEN!

  • A woman who spends her time exploring doughnut shops?!? Seeing as we’ve never met, would it be inappropriate to just propose now?

  • I prefer my doughnuts with a nice chocolate glaze and a dash of sprinkles. the cake ones are just so good :) Although I’ve been known to secretly adore the jelly filled ones and custard filled ones too. I used to eat the jelly ones every Sunday morning with my mom… If I ever come down to LA, I say we take on the town and do a big pants-busting pastry tasting tour. What do you say?!

  • I adore Krispy Creme. I really think I could go through an entire box in one sitting. Beverly Hills has a “designer donut” shop called Fratellis which is pretty awesome…even if it is in Beverly Hills.

  • Mmmm, GREAT idea! My 2 favorite donut places in the US so far are Foster’s Donuts in Redlands, CA and Gibson’s Donuts in Memphis, TN. Part of why they are my favorite is that they both have the best apple fritters (one of my all-time favorites) I have ever tried. At Gibson’s you can order a giant donut for a birthday cake. I wish I still lived close to that place!

  • I love me some Krispy Kreme doughnuts! There is one very near to work (my waist and hips are thankful that it’s not TOO close). I can’t eat any other kind, spoiled after tasting the Kreme’s warm melt in your mouth doughnuts!

    Can’t wait to see your “new” doughnut flavor!

  • Now THIS is a game I could get into ;-).

  • Hilarious. My local KK closed shortly after we moved here. And the displays in gas stations do not do KK justice. I will plan out a doughnut hunt however. Ill get back to you.

  • Ah yes, Krispy Kreme. It most definitely is a fastasy world of donuts. But we are getting a Dunkin Donuts soon and then maybe I can go on a hunt. The Kreme is all we have right now. So sad…

  • Can you imagine a place without donuts? I live there. (snooky doodle, I’m with you on this!)

    (P.S.: I realize that two comments in a time period of less than ten minutes might be a bit strange, even though they’re on different entries. But – it’s my lunch break and I’m catching up with all my high school friends, err, feeds.)

  • Ha it was a really entertaining post. I enjoyed reading it :) especially caue where I live we don t have donut shops. There s only one type of donut and you cant find it that easily. By the way I don t even like it. Wish to try the crispy creme though :) next time I visit US i m gonna try it. That may be long though :(

  • I actually had a glazed pumpkin spice donut from Krispy Kreme last week. . . it was a very satisfying cakey donut. . . I do miss toasted coconut donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts back on the east Coast.

    Fratelli’s in Beverly Hills makes a nifty donut as well

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