Things I Want To Put In My Face

What a week.  What a week.  Financial crisis. Bail out.  Katie Couric interviews.  Vice Presidential debates.  So much has gone on this week I literally feel exhausted by all of the news.  I do know one thing.  I need the phrase “Joe Six Pack” out of my life forever.  Seriously.  Out.

I thought I’d treat you all to some blog love.  Why?  Because it’s free, and free is a long long way from 700 billion.

Smoky Barbecue Sauce-  I know it’s not a dessert and I also know that summer is over but I could eat barbecue sauce by the spoonful.  Really?  Ok… maybe not.  But I love the idea of homemade barbecue sauce, especially if I get to use those darling flippy top jars.  Check out Cooking for Seven to figure out what they heck I’m talking about.

Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread–   Yes!  The perfect introduction into Fall.  I’m also thinking hard about pumpkin and chocolate combinations.  It’s not too early, right?

Double Chocolate Layer Cake–  Oh Amanda, you know just how to speak to my heart.  Yes.  My answer is Yes!  I’ll marry you.  Wait…. did you ask?

Sweet Cherry Pie–  Are there still cherries?  Is it not too late?  Maybe there’s something magical in Florida where Mike of Mike’s Table whipped up this pie.   Warm cherry pie with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream- I could die a happy happy girl.

Banana Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies–  Abby, what have you done?  Would these be a proper breakfast food, because I’m seriously considering these with a glass of milky coffee in the morning.  Please and thank you.

13 thoughts on “Things I Want To Put In My Face

  1. I just discovered your website! I love to bake, but I am baking impaired! Your recipies look so wonder and hopefully this impaired wanna be baker can make your recipies turn out half as good as your pictures look! :)

  2. Thanks for the mention! And on the note of “joe sixpack,” I’ll add the phrase “main street” to the never-to-be-spoken again list. And those whoopie pies look awesome

  3. one thing i love about visiting sites from other countries is all the different stuff we have. whoopie pies? tee hee, that really tickles my funny bone! and I love BBQ sauce (or brown sauce as i’d probably call it), but have never thought about making my own. sounds like a plan to me, because BBQ weather is on the way. infact am waiting for the guests to turn up for today’s BBQ lunch. But, please enlighten me – what the freak is liquid smoke?????? I’d also be interested to know what australian culinary classics other people find strange.

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