To You. From Me.

An open letter year book response to you. Yes, you. Imagine it’s written in uncomfortably large bubble letters.

Hey! (Read: Dear Darling Most Wonderful Reader,)

It was so fun getting to know you this year in Ms. Roger’s class (Read: Thanks for reading my blog even when I don’t update it for four days) Isn’t Mark HOT!?!!? (Read: Isn’t Mark HOT!?!!?) Thanks for sitting next to me and letting me copy all you Spanish homework. (Read: Thanks for reading even when I just post a picture of an old stove.)

I hope we get to hang out this summer. (Read: I’ve got a date with WordPress and photos later tonight. Promise!)

You’re awesome. KIT (insert hand drawn hearts and flowers and peace signs) xoxxo- Joy

(Read: You’re awesome. KIT. For reals. Love, Joy the Baker)

7 thoughts on “To You. From Me.

  1. I don’t always comment, but I do read your blog religiously….
    It stands out for posts like this one, which had the phrases “I heart NKOTB” and “have a bitchin summer” running through my head

    You see food blogs these days just don’t do that very often.

    Thanks, U rule. Stay sweet. Have a bitchin summer.

  2. Well, how nice! Even different colors for all the hearts and peace signs! Now I only need to find out what KIT means … remember, I’m the exchange student from Germany who was always laughing but never got the jokes.

  3. this might be the funniest thing i’ve read in a long time–maybe because i spend my days with my nose in econ books, but still. hilarious. i’m so glad to have found your blog and will most def. KIT! lylas- tiffany :)

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