Don’t Worry, I’ll Find It.

Joy in a Tree

This weekend, I went to Oakland, smiled a lot, sat in a tree and ran over a tumble weed at high speeds.

I wanted to sit down today and tell you about pie… about pie that’s so full of love and goodness it might make your heart explode. I’ve got the pictures, I’ve got the proof, and I can’t find the recipe. It’s got to be here somewhere covered in crumbs and flour.

Gimme a minute. Ok… gimme a few hours. I’ve got pie. You’ve got a heart that’s ready to explode. Now we just need to find that darn recipe…..

19 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, I’ll Find It.

  1. What a great photo of you. Even though I only know as much as your posts allow, I feel like this picture is a great snapshot of who you are. It’s pretty much exactly the kind of picture I’d expect Joy to be in. And I like pie. A lot. I’ll wait patiently.

  2. Perhaps your missing pie recipe is off having an adventure with my huli-huli chicken recipe. I’m sure they’ll come home soon. With souvenir shot glasses.

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