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Hungarian Paprika Chicken

November 11, 2008

On any given day my diet is consistently composed of scrambled eggs (seriously the perfect food), some variety of baked goods fresh from the oven, cheese (lots of cheese) and tea (I drink so much I run out of mugs).

Have I mentioned that I love scrambled eggs?  I’m convinced that the perfect way to eat them is in tortillas, standing in the sunny spot in my kitchen flipping through cookbooks.

But this post obviously is not about my love for the egg.

There are days that I decide to slow down, take a deep breath and make myself something other than scrambled eggs for dinner.  On those days I go for my no frills, yet somehow impressive Hungarian Paprika Chicken dish.  It’s flavored with sweet Hungarian Paprika, onions, tomatoes, and the added creaminess of a touch of sour cream.  Served it over a bed of buttery egg noodles, and the world is instantly coming up roses.

Everyone should have a no fail chicken recipe in their back pocket.  This is mine.  From my stove top to yours.

As a note, I think the big red tin of Hungarian Paprika is the only way to go with this chicken.  You should be able to find it in your local grocery stores,  it’s not a fancy pants thing.

Go say hello to the boys at Foodproof for my recipe.  It’s a winner, I cross my heart.  

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  • This sounds awesome! My mother-in-law makes something similar, I will have to share this recipe with her. Thanks!

  • This one does look like a winner–perfectly comforting too, for the cold seattle days ahead!

  • Love Hungarian paprika – I bought a big box of it during my last trip to Budapest. Have you tried the egg barley with it? Very delish!

  • This looks so delicious! I’m always on the lookout for new dinner ideas, and I’m definitely trying this!

  • I love paprika – and that brand in particular is my favorite. I have such fond memories of seeing that little tin on the counter and knowing I’d have a great dinner.

    On to view your recipe…

  • My mom just made Hungarian stew served with egg noodles for our Sunday dinner! Sadly, we ran out of paprika. Perhaps I’ll give this recipe a try when we purchase more…

  • Oh believe me, I hate to be a party-pooper…short explanation – I just found out my cholesterol is 239, and am IN SHOCK. My lifestyle does not dictate such a high number, so I’m on a quest to eat healthier, yet still enjoy food!!
    Thanks for the reply.

  • Andrea- I’m pretty sure my paprika didn’t come with a safety seal. I didn’t give it a second thought. It seemed fine to me!

    Shaw Girl- I can’t wait to see this chicken on your blog. Get on it! And how do you have so many days off!? Ahhhh… government job! So jealous!

    Michael- Healthier version? The fat from the chicken skin not only adds a base to cook the onions and spices in, but also adds a great deal of flavor to the chicken dish. The rendered fat adds a depth of flavor to the dish that you can’t really get from another fat source. If you feel like you need a healthier version, you might substitute olive oil for the rendered chicken fat. You’ll have some yummy chicken, but the chicken fat…. oh! so! perfect!
    Also… chicken breasts have much less fat and flavor than chicken thighs, so you may encounter some sticking. Don’t be shy with the olive oil in this case.

  • Looks delicious… If I were to make a “healthier” version of this, using skinless, boneless breasts, what could I use instead of the chicken skin for the fat?

  • This looks great, beautiful picture!

  • I too live off scrambled eggs for dinner — breakfast is the best meal of the day, so why not extend it! :) This does look awesome though, and I’m a huge fan of egg noodles. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me something else to do with my EXACT same tin of Hungarian paprika! I knew there was a reason I liked you: your love of tea and cheese (seriously, I’m a fan of both on Facebook…I have no shame).

  • Hey! What a coinky-dink, I just bought that same big red tin of Hungarian Paprika at a local imports store with the plan to make me some Chicken Paprikash…

    Lemme ask you: did your tin come without a safety seal in it? I haven’t tried my paprika yet, but maybe seal-less is the way they do it in Szeged. What do you think?

  • That looks like the best comfort dish I could imagine! Yum!

  • The photo looks awesome and delicious!

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