The Good. The Bad. The Facts.

Fact:  I love this blog of mine.

Fact:  I absolutely adore all of its readers.   That’s you.

Fact:  I’m obviously not very good at posting every day as NaBloPoMo would have me do.

Request:  Bear with me.

Hope:  This blog has always been about quality and not quantity.

Another Fact:  I’m getting in the kitchen to bake right now-  mostly because I’m starving, also because I’m thinking of you and what you might like.

Last Fact:  I went through a serious sunflower loving phase in my early teens.  I will admit that this phase included several straw hats with fake sunflowers glued to them.  Painfully dorky, and now.. for you to know. Facts are facts.


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22 thoughts on “The Good. The Bad. The Facts.

  1. I can completely relate to your quality over quantity approach to food blogging. Anyone can post a recipe, but not any recipe will do for me. So, take your time and keep the quality coming. :)

  2. I have the same problem with my blog although mine is less because I’m not cooking everyday and more because I have the worst light in the world in my apartment and so if I want to photograph anything it has to be done in the morning meaning I can’t devour all of my cookies in one sitting fresh out of the oven (more difficult than you might think)

    I too went through a horrid teenage phase although mine was moons and stars rather than sunflowers and it manifested itself in an far more noticeable and difficult to remove way than just hats. I couldn’t settle fro mere accessories, oh no, I went all out and painted my entire room bold and blue with little moons and stars and suns EVERYWHERE it took me years to finally get around to painting everything. Wow.

    Anyway, I definitely appreciate the quality over quantity aspect of your blog. Your recipes are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. I had the denim hat with sunflower, too. And I was homeschooled for awhile. Know what that means? Cheap sunflower fabric made into matches dresses for the family. My eyes!! My eyes!!

    You’re definite quality, and we greatly apreciate your efforts.

  4. I absolutely LOVE that I bring up some tiny but incredibly awkward tidbit from my life and that inspires you all to share yours. You have no idea how you all make me laugh!

    Sarah- I totally feel you with the moons and suns with faces. I think I used to doodle those like… nonstop! And Dead Poet’s Society!? We SO would have been best friends for life!

    Emily Rose- Thanks for the tragic reminder. I had a denim hat too. The kind that flipped up in the front with a flower glued smack in the center. Classic fashion.. right? WRONG.

    Shaw Girl- Now you’ll be forced to wear that jacket in January for my visit. Seriously.

    angela- rock and roll! thanks!

    Erin- You best believe that I made my Mom sew me a sunflower dress to match my hat. Ooooooh yes. There are 6th grade graduations pictures somewhere. I thought I was so hot.

    Lorie- Great idea, and by great I mean mortifying! We’ll see…. maybe.

    CB- Yes. Love.

    Syd- Sweet. Sweet. Sweet!

  5. You love me? You really love me… ???
    I am trying out the NaBloPoMo thing this month but we’ll see if I can keep it up. Its harder than I thought! Definitely agree about quality over quantity but sometimes its nice to see if you can do both, right? ;)

  6. i discovered your blog a few weeks ago and added it to my google reader… it’s something i look forward to oogling over and losing myself in after teaching 11 year olds all day.
    definite quality.
    love, love, love your blog!

  7. Sadly, I’m still in that sunflower loving phase. And we won’t mention my denim jacket with a sunflower on the back. You’re a braver woman than I to commit to doing NaBloPoMo. See you in January!!!!!

  8. Ummm…

    I may have gone through a “celestial” phase. Moons and suns with faces. Everywhere.

    I also may have had a problem with “Dead Poets Society”. Like a big one. Like I may have had a custom t-shirt with “Carpe Diem” written across the front.

    It’s ok. I understand.

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