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December 2008

Beyond the Kitchen Holiday

Happy New Year!

Tonight, from San Francisco, I’m raising my glass to one heck of a memorable year. There have been highs and lows, lots of learning, some tears and plenty of beauty. Loads of goodies have come out of my oven.  Photos…

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Glazed Lime Cake

This cake and I. Ooooh this cake and I. We had a fight, maybe I should call it a misunderstanding. I had expectations for this cake. I needed it to be a certain way to make me happy.  Mistakes. I…

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Beyond the Kitchen Holiday

Eat Food. You’ll Like It.

I feel like there’s food everywhere.  Literally everywhere.  Let’s see… it all started when someone sent a fairly innocent fruit basket.  Then the neighbor dropped by with a pound of chocolate candy.  Then I somehow thought it a good idea…

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