Joy the Baker in Seattle


I’m in Seattle this weekend.

I’m sticking to a strict schedule of walking around in the cold, eating warm spinach Piroshkies, and enjoying friends, cocktails and Seattle times.

Here’s what my life looks like right now.


Super seats on a wall just outside Pike Place Market.


We found a wall of gum.  Literally a wall of gum.


By we, I mean Simon and I.


Incidentially, that wall of gum had my name written gummed in it.  Really?  Yea… could I make this stuff up?


I’m a sucker for a good used book store.


Then there’s Starbucks.  They’re exactly everywhere.


The Starbucks makes sense, considering this chilly, foggy goodness.

Hope you have a comfy, cozy weekend!  More later!

37 thoughts on “Joy the Baker in Seattle

  1. Hello! I hope you enjoy Seattle during your time here, and if you need any food recommendations I’m happy to provide them. (I live in Seattle, and I love good food.)

  2. Hi Joy! I have lived in Seattle my entire life and I love it. I see that you went to Pike Place Market. Did you get a chance to stop in Le Panier? I’m sure you’re friend is a great tour guide but let me know if you need any recommendations. I feel like such a spaz. I’m so excited for you. :D

  3. i visited seattle in july. loved it. there was no rain, but the temperature and weather was a nice break from the heat and humidity of home (south central pennsylvania). sadly, i missed seeing the gum wall.
    i think my favorite was the troll under the bridge in fremont.

  4. Try to get to a Top Pot Doughnuts while you are there. They are nothing short of amazing. Even if you don’t really like doughnuts.

  5. If you’re downtown be sure to check out Salumi. This place makes traditional cured Italian meats and has some of the best sandwiches ever! Also, the original Sur la Table cooking store in Pike’s Place is very fun to browse.

  6. I love this little travel log! Hehehehe, your name spelled out in gum…giggle. One photography question: when you’re taking pictures outside, do you use your automatic setting or the manual settings? If you use manual settings, how do you keep the Canon from shaking, thus resulting in out of focus pictures? Cheers and have a good weekend!

  7. The wall of gum always manages to fascinate and gross me out.

    I hope you have some locals to show you around. There are a million hidden gems in this city.

  8. If you read these before you leave, be sure to check out Macrina Bakery, Paseo’s for the best cuban sandwhich EVER and Tilth for Maria Hines’ amazingly fresh food!

  9. Hiyas!!

    Did you know that particular Starbucks in your picture above is the FIRST and ORIGINAL Starbucks EVER!! :)

    I live in the Seattle area and I know just exactly where all of those places you visited are!!

    Happy Sight-Seeing! Let me know if you need a good place for dinner!


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