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February 14, 2009

flour and such

Can we have a heart to heart?

Good.  Thanks.

The reality is… I’m up to my ears in emails from many of you lovely people.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great!  I totally love it… but honestly, I’m overwhelmed.

Let’s make this fun.  If you have a question… any question, leave it as a comment to this post, and I’ll answer it.  Any and every question, answered… I promise.

It could go something like this:

Hey Joy, do you really like pancakes as much as you say you do?  What’s your favorite toothpaste?  Do you have a recipe for peach cobbler on your blog?  And what should I make my Dad for his birthday?

My answers might be something like this:

Yes,  I really do like pancakes as much as I say I do.  My Dad’s pancakes are a little bit of awesome.  Aquafresh… the silver kind, that’s some good toothpaste.  Peach cobbler?  No not yet.  And for your Dad’s birthday how about Mocha Coffee Coffee Cake?

See?  We could be going places with this.  Maybe you have a question about my camera.  How about culinary school?  We could talk about that.  Anything at all…

Let’s do it.  You ask.  I answer.  Easy as pie!

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  • Your super soft chocolate cupcakes are in my oven right now. I can’t wait to taste!

    Curious as to why some bakers use all-purpose flour and others use only self rising flour and yet others use cake flour? Too many flours for me!!

    Thanks again for sharing your love of baking with the world. You rock!

  • Hi Joy! I’m a pretty novice baker but I want to purchase a stand up mixer to help with my dough-making and such. Can you recommend the easiest to use and best bang for my buck as a SAHM, barely moving away from Betty Crocker baker?

  • Dear Joy,

    1) How are you?
    2) Is your last name Jackson?
    3) Where is my mini gooey chocolate cake? Have yet to receive.

    Cordially yours,

  • Hi Joy! I was wondering where you went to pastry school, and what you think the main differences between really well-known, really expensive programs and less well-known programs are (if you think there are any at all.) Any recommendations?

  • Is Simon just a good friend or that person that you hope to get those husbandly hugs from someday?

  • I’ve always been under the impression that you did work in some type of bakery as well as baking for fun. If so – is it the coolest thing ever?

    Also, the 100mm macro lens… It’s totally worth it, isn’t it?

    Oh! And I love your blog. It’s very homey and inviting :D

  • Hi Joy,
    Do you bake just for fun, or is it your job too? Who gets to eat the goodies you post on here?

  • What are your favorite cookbooks? Do you have any go-to cookbooks that you know you can always depend on?

  • Do you have a failsafe, foolproof cake recipe in your head? (I’m asking because I have one, and today found out that my fifteen-year-old daughter has a different one)

  • Hi Joy!

    love ur blog! My question is u mind if I post ur southern style strawberry cake on my blog looking xactly the way it looks on ur blog? The photography is stunning! wl gv credit to u of course.

    question 2 : s this really a southern cake? were the southerners the first to invent it? that 3 questions in all. Hoe to here from u soon. Thanx

  • No questions here…. just want to thank you for your creativity. I love your wittiness and sense of humor. Thanks, julie

  • what is your kitchen like? the one in photo of profile? or other kitchen? size? equipment? favorite implement? can’t do without?

  • Hey Joy!

    What icecream maker do you have? How big is it?

  • What is the best frosting for icing cupcakes?

  • Hey Joy,

    What are your 3 favorite (most recommended) baking products (food products)?
    3 favorite appliances?
    3 favorite baking utensils?


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