Beyond the Kitchen

Baggu For You


I’ll be honest, I have reusable grocery bags just about coming out of my ears.  The one big problem is that I leave the darn bags at home exactly every time I head out to the store.  I feel like a nasty whale killer every time I walk out of the store with a boat load of those thin plastic bags.  Sure, they’re good for cleaning cat liter, but still… the whales.

Baggu figured it out for us.  Reusable shopping bags that fold and scrunch up into a little pouch that you can keep in your purse or in the back seat of you car.  I think they’re actually everything bags.  I’ve used mine as a gym bag, as a quick overnight bag and as a purse… but I’m a little hippie like that sometimes.

I have three bags that I think you should have.  Let’s go ahead and call this a giveaway.  Three bags for three readers.  One each.  

Want one?

Leave a comment.  Tell me whatever you like.  You’ve got until Saturday, and then the random drawing and mailing begins.