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I’ll be honest, I have reusable grocery bags just about coming out of my ears.  The one big problem is that I leave the darn bags at home exactly every time I head out to the store.  I feel like a nasty whale killer every time I walk out of the store with a boat load of those thin plastic bags.  Sure, they’re good for cleaning cat liter, but still… the whales.

Baggu figured it out for us.  Reusable shopping bags that fold and scrunch up into a little pouch that you can keep in your purse or in the back seat of you car.  I think they’re actually everything bags.  I’ve used mine as a gym bag, as a quick overnight bag and as a purse… but I’m a little hippie like that sometimes.

I have three bags that I think you should have.  Let’s go ahead and call this a giveaway.  Three bags for three readers.  One each.  

Want one?

Leave a comment.  Tell me whatever you like.  You’ve got until Saturday, and then the random drawing and mailing begins.


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659 thoughts on “Baggu For You

  1. I discovered your blog not too long ago and now I’m totally loving catching up on all your past action! Love it ALL!

    A Baggu bag would be awesome! I’d love to win one! But I’ll keep reading the blog even if I don’t. :)

  2. These look like great bags. I too have soo much trouble remembering to bring my reusable bags with me into stores…so keeping them in my purse sounds like a great idea!

    Also, I just recently found your blog, and I love, love, love it! Thanks for taking the time to share so many wonderful treats :)

  3. I have the same problem you do – they are all in my house when I go grocery shopping! These for the car would be great – especially since farmers markets here in Louisville will start opening soon. Can’t wait – and how handy would they be!?

  4. My wife and I just discovered your site. Your photography is astonishing, and your interjections of your personality into each post is perfect. We’d love to use these bags for recipe runs!

  5. these would be so much easier for groceries! we have roughly 1000 of our local grocery chains bags. but they are bulky. ugh.

  6. I keep an extra bag in my car – but then I use it and its not there the next time I need it! So now I keep two :) Those bags’ colors are so pretty.

  7. I’ve been in love with your blog for a few months now, but since I hate my kitchen I dont bake as often as I would like. I guess you could say I live vicariously through your blog. I’ve got a couple bags but I feel like I need 10 to fit my groceries, these look like an awesome size.

  8. I love love your blog! One of the few that I read religiously….you have such a great positive outlook on life! I need a reminder of that when work is stressful sometimes….*sigh*

    I have reusable bags that I was good about using for a while, but the last few weeks seem to forget in the car a lot. BAD!!!!!

    Such pretty colors on the Baggu bags!

  9. I collect bags like that! I love reuseable grocery bags, I have them from all different stores but I don’t have any that look like that! would love one.

  10. I’m just so happy there isn’t a sugary dessert in today’s post! I am off sugar for a couple of weeks, and I have been hesitating to come here for fear of temptation…
    So those bags look great!

  11. ooo! this is going to sound bad, but i really want the bag so i can make a pattern from it to make more bags! i’m cheap and crafty like that… but i too feel shame every time i walk out of the store with a plastic bag, knowing all my ‘green’ bags are under the kitchen sink at home.

  12. These are SO CUTE! My New Years resolution is to be “greener” so this is a great place to start. I love the bright colors of the bags I really hope I win :)

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