The Most Friendly of Reminders

Monster marshmallow pie

Before I hop on a plane back to Los Angeles from Seattle, I just wanted to give you a little nudge.

Did you cast your vote in the 2009 Bloggies?  Did you ask your Mom to vote?  Did you hassle the hubby to vote?  How about your puppy?  Does the puppy have an email address?

The last day to vote is Monday, February 2nd.  Voting ends at 10pm EST.

I know what you’re thinking:  Holy Cow!  That’s tomorrow!  I gotta vote!

I support that impulse.  I thank you for that impulse.

Here’s pie is you need a muchload of marshmallows in your life.  Yes, muchload.

18 thoughts on “The Most Friendly of Reminders

  1. I already did it! You asked once and I did it! I was always the compliant one in my family. Although as of lately, I will do what mom asks right away(and dad when he was alive) but not my siblings.

  2. Hi Joy, I recently found your blog and love it! I made your peanut butter cookies and pumpkin/butterscotch cookies this weekend and both were big hits. Thanks for the great recipes, and good luck with the awards!

  3. Joy! I hope your Seattle trip was fantastic. It’s where I’m from originally, and I am always so hopeful that out-of-towners get to experience it to its fullest. I’m going to go and vote for you right now; really. I just found your blog, and it’s been making me feel thoroughly giddy. Happy flying.

  4. You’re from LA? You don’t happen to have any brunch or dinner recommendations in the West Hollywood area, do you? I’m going to be there for a conference and I think those are the two not-covered meals.

  5. I voted on all my computers; home, work, laptop & email addresses; yahoo, aol, gmail! Got my fingers crossed for you; it’s a little hard to type but it is for the cause! Pie is ADORABLE!

  6. Okay girl, you win, I just had to scroll over there and cast my vote! My day wouldn’t be complete without a visit with Joy!

    Love the effort you make to get our attention!

    Keep smiling


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