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Rishi Tea Giveaway

March 17, 2009

Tea Cupping

My favorite tea cup doesn’t even belong to me.  Sounds crazy, right?  My favorite tea cup belongs to my favorite cafe in Los Angeles.  My favorite cafe in Los Angeles is home to perfect sidewalk tables, breezes, shaded sunshine, loads of people watching, and some seriously good sandwiches and coleslaw.

Now… let’s play a game!

You want an awesome glass tea pot with five fantastic teas from Rishi Tea.

I want to know you more.  Is that creepy?   I just think you all are so dang cool, that I thought a giveaway involving awesome tea, a super sweet tea pot, and your smiling face might be just what we all need.

Here’s the deal:

Bust out your digital camera and send me a picture of you with your favorite tea cup.  I know… I’m totally making your work for this giveaway.  Can you handle it?  Come on… this is totally fun!

Email me a picture of your smiling, cheesy, or coy face with your favorite tea cup.  I’ll randomly pick a winner and send off a lovely Rishi Tea pot with five teas.

Emails and attached pictures should be sent to joy (at) joythebaker (dot) com, by the end of Friday March 20th.

But how will you know if you’ve won?  Well, I’ll post the picture of the wining reader and mug on Saturday morning.

But what if you don’t like my mug?  This isn’t a beauty contest friends.  I’m not judging on photo quality or hair stylings.  Just be the awesome Joy the Baker reader that you are!

You’ve got until the end of Friday to play along, so bust out those cameras and get shootin’.  Thanks to you and Rishi Tea for playing along!

Chai Spiced Pancakes

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