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Tea Faces and a Winner!

Look at you!

No… seriously.  Look at you!  You’re adorable!

I have some seriously cute readers.  Um…. you guys!?  I had no idea you were so cute and sassy.  Yes… even you Rory, with your Tazmanian Devil mug.  You’ve got sass.  You’ve got class.  You’ve got cuteness for days.

I think I’ve got a crush on each and every one of you.

Can we do this every day?  You know… you send me a cute self pic and I giggle at how precious you are?  Yea?  Ok, great.

In all reality, your pictures improved my life by exactly 56.6%.  I did the math.

See, I bop around my kitchen singing songs, baking cookies and taking pictures.  It feels great.  It brings me a lot of joy.  Then I sit down at a computer, fiddle around, type some words and press some buttons.  You come.  You read.  You giggle.  My smartypants computer tells me exactly how many of you came and left, and came back again… and that’s how my days progress.

But to see your faces.  To hear your stories about your favorite tea cup, and where it comes from, and where you come from… and just to get a glimpse of your life.  Well geeeeez!  It really touched my heart.  I mean that with all sincerity.  Thanks for playing along here like you do.  It means so much to me.

Have I mentioned how cute you are!?  Seriously.  Out of control.

We have some business to take care of, don’t we?

One of you smiling people gets treated to a super sleek Rishi Tea pot and some stellar Rishi Teas.  I hope the rest of you are content with the fact that your faces put a smile of my face that should last for weeks to come.

Kate D!  Lucky You!

Thank you Rishi Tea for your generosity.

If by chance I didn’t get your photo in the grid, please please accept my sincere apologies.  It’s possible that I received your photo after the big grid mock-ups, or your photo didn’t come through correctly.  So.  Sorry.