What Do You Do with Five Hours in Wine Country?

Joy the Baker in Napa

Five hours in Napa… ready, set, GO!

Drink wine.  Talk about tannins, body, oak barrels and finish.  Blah Blah Blaaaaahs.

Stomp around the vineyards like you own the joint (pictured above).

And stop by Fatted Calf to talk about how approachable and awesome American charcuterie can be.

More later!  Right now I’ve got more ground to stomp, and a plane to catch.

Fatted Calf, Napa

18 thoughts on “What Do You Do with Five Hours in Wine Country?

  1. You cross over the hills into my wine country, Sonoma County. We’re much more down to earth and a lot more affordable. Come on over…..we’d love to have you……….

  2. I plan on going to Napa in May and have NO clue which vineyard to try and where to stay… I know you’re only there for 5 hours but do you have any suggestions?

  3. I hope you had a good time girl! If you come up again soon, let’s meet up at Mumm Vineyard where we can drink our lives away in glorious flutes of champagne :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! My mom and sis are visiting me in Berkeley/San Fran this week and I was thinking about taking them to wine country. Your pics have me convinced that I need to stomp around the vineyards, too!

  5. Having just spent a day and a half in Napa, I’d add:

    Visit Woodhouse Chocolates and Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufactory in St. Helena.
    Pick up yummy baked goods at the Bouchon Bakery.

    Other options: Bar snacks at Redd? Quick bite at Ubuntu? Was very favorably impressed by both this weekend.

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