Beyond the Kitchen Cookies

Cookies and Spatulas: The Winners

Chocolate Chip Cookies Part 1

Do you ever have those mornings when the snooze button seems to go off every two minutes, your hair is simply inconsolable, and you discover that your favorite plaid shirt that you’ve had for half your life is  now too ripped to wear and be cool?   Do you have those mornings when you’d just like to go back to bed for another 6 hours, wake up and call it a re-do?  Yea… me too.

On those mornings, believe it or not, I turn to you all for a smile.  You’ve got words of wisdom.  You’ve got jokes.  You’ve got what I need to get through those off kilter mornings.  Thank you.  Really.

I wish I could thank each and every one of you a big batch of my chocolate chip cookies, but because that seems like too daunting a task for a morning like this, I’ll have to put the recipe in your hands and encourage you to bring some chocolate chip love to your kitchen on my behalf.

The winners of the chocolate chip cookie and super cool spatula giveaway are:

Chocolate Chip Cookies Part 1

Jennifer in Chicago! Hello Winner!  Cookies comin’ at ya!

I grew up in the Virgin Islands, and now live in Chicago.
Favorite things:
1. Eating coconut cream out of the can. I always leave some in the can when cooking so i can have spoonfuls of treats for the weeks ahead!
2. Fresh mangoes from a tree
3. The feel of hot sand in between my toes
4. Listening to my cats “talk” to me with their communicative chirps and growls.
5. Seeing my husbands face after a satisfying meal I have cooked for him.
6. Chocolate chip cookies! (Especially from you, i bet?). Anything sweet and delicious actually.
7. Coming home with “kids say the darndest things” stories when i teach art.
8. Looking through blogs and getting a taste of other peoples lives.
9. Wearing flip flops, knowing there’s no chance of it being cold outside!10. Getting a new book in the mail.

Salmiak in Sweden! Cute spatulas makin’ their way to Sweden for you!


I am from Stockholm, Sweden

I have a lot of favorite things but among them are:
* My boy
* Love
* Baking
* Music
* Grocery stores
* Travelling…and seeing other grocery stores..

AND…!  Because I just can’t help myself… a bonus winner!

Rebecca in London.  You win spatulas too!  Lucky win!

Hi Joy,

You spoil us, you really do.

I’m here is rainy London, and my favourite things, in so particular order – except the first – include such things as:

1) Watching my boyfriend do the crossword.
2) Listening to cricket on the radio.
3) Knitting with a purring cat on my lap, who chews my needles and plays with my yarn.
4) Baking, and then being able to share my baking with aforementioned boyfriend and cat (yes, cat, he’s a muffin-loving fiend!).
5) Reading and being inspired by amazing blogs (ahem, that means you!)
6) Dozing in bed on a lazy Sunday morning with a pot of coffee, a baked treat and the papers.
7) Strolling in the sunshine (when we actually get some)
8) Pub lunches that involve games of scrabble.

I could go on, and on….

How do I pick these winners?  I don’t.  I leave it to my friends to randomly scroll through your comments with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their backs.  It’s a science…. mostly.

Thanks to all of you for playing along.  Thanks for all your love and good vibes.  More giveaways and surprises in the very near future.  I just can’t help myself.