Happy Easter!

Vintage Joy the Baker

Happy Easter from vintage Joy the Baker.

Oooooh 1994… thanks for the memories.

There are a few things I’d like you to take note of in the photo.

-Yes, my hair is comically triangle shaped and I am trying to rock curly bangs.

– Yes, I made a bunny cake decorated with festive jelly beans.

-Take a look at that foil lined baking sheet.  I decorated it with Easter stickers.  Oh my.

– That’s my Dad standing in the doorway.  I like to think that he’s proudly standing there watching his daughter pose with a pretty stellar cake.  He might just be looking at my unfortunate hair.  Hm….

Happy Easter!

35 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I’m sure I made that very same cake more than once when my daughter was younger – and probably served it on a foil lined piece of cardboard. Let’s face it, our Dad’s loved us in spite of our funny hair-dos! Happy Easter to you.

  2. Ha Happy Easter J
    My mom who passed away a few years back always made a bunny coconut cake just like that every year…funny how we take things for granted. She always had a small basket with my name on the Easter Eggs as well as some chocolates & J beans..but she never decorated the tin foil like you :o) Awesome smile & thanks for the wonderful memories..

  3. Happy Easter!

    I too used to have comically triangle shaped hair… actually, I still would if I cut it shorter…

    Anyway, have a great day! I’m going to go bake some muffins!

  4. Happy Easter. :)

    After I convince myself I’ve done enough thesis work in the lab today, I think heading home and trying out one of your recipes will be a nice way to end off the holiday!

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