Two of my favorite things. Two of you. The Giveaway!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Part 1

What do puppies with giant paws, foggy mornings, warm chocolate chip cookies and my bright, red spatula have in common?  That’s easy… they’re just some of my favorite things in the world.

If you hadn’t already figured it out, you guys are totally up there on my list of favorite things… right up there with puppies with giant paws.  You and your cute tea cup pictures.  You with your kind comments.  You with your thoughtful recipe questions.  I just think you’re dreamy.  I suppose that’s why it has become one of my new favorite things to give things to you… let’s do it again.

Creaming butter

Two of you get two of my favorite things:  an express shipped box of chocolate chip cookies made by Joy the Baker (for someone here in the US), or a brand-spanking-new, colorful spatula (going international, because Customs doesn’t like when I send fresh cookies).

All you have to do to win some of my favorite things is leave me a comment telling me where you’re from, and some of your favorite things.  Seems fitting, right?

You’ve got until this Saturday April 11th at 10:38pm PST to get your comments in.  That’s when I turn back into a pumpkin and pick the winners.

Also… I like you!

654 thoughts on “Two of my favorite things. Two of you. The Giveaway!

  1. Hey Joy, I’m from Salt Lake City, and I would LOVE to win some of your cookies! One time when I was too sleepy to lie, my husband asked what my favorite things were. In all seriousness I replied, “cookies and ice cream.” Then I realized that probably wasn’t the best answer, so I added mountains and trees. But it’s true. I love cookies, and I love ice cream. My favorite things also include trying to cook new things, going for walks, and my pet lizard.

  2. my fav things:
    brown paper packages tied up with string
    raindrops of roses…wait, these might be someone else’s favorite things.
    cherry blossoms
    hailey, christian and joshua (niece and nephew)
    those few moments of excitement after your plane lands (before the customs line) when you realize your vacation is really beginning!

  3. Some of my favorite things:
    1. The way a newborn baby smells and how it feels when they snuggle into your neck.
    2. Sleeping late.
    3. Soft-serve ice cream at the beach.
    4. Leisurely road trips with my husband.
    5. Sitting around telling stories and laughing, laughing, laughing with my big extended family.

  4. I love:
    coffee flavored icecream with chocolate chips
    my pink kitchenaid mixer
    other people’s kids (bc i am not ready to have any of my own!)
    The Gabe Dixon Band (a local Nashville band…check them out!)
    warm whole wheat banana bread
    black olives
    my macbook

  5. Some of my favorite things are: afternoon naps in sunshine, hugs from my son, eating strawberries picked off the vine, and that first slice of fresh-baked bread. :)

  6. mmm favorite things (notice how most revolve around food :))
    morning runs
    soy lattes
    red wine
    good conversation
    dark chocolate
    laughing uncontrollably

    have a wonderful day

  7. hmm, my favorite things:

    the morning’s first cup of coffee
    good backrubs
    the way ponderosa pines smell like vanilla when you stick your face right up to the bark
    sleeping outside

  8. favorites:

    a cup of coffee or tea with a food magzine and a couch to stretch out in (in my days before kid)

    an afternoon nap (again, before kids)

    lamb shanks or some kind of slow cooked dinner

    warm scones or muffins and coffee with cinnamon

    dark chocolate

    deep-down belly laughs from my little ones

  9. My dog’s ears. So soft.
    Crinkle cut french fries covered in ketchup with a cold dr. pepper to wash them down.
    Margaritas in the sun.
    summertime and feet in the sand.
    A brand new book.
    My D-SLR!

  10. My favorite things include, but are not limited to:
    really sharp scissors
    milk chocolate with nuts
    my mama and papa
    scavenger hunts
    checking this blog ten times a day
    Berkeley, CA
    Taboo: The game of unspeakable fun!

    I want cookies from you soooooo bad, if I win I promise I’ll share them :)

  11. My favorite things….the top five are:
    1. The way my house smells when I’ve been baking.
    2. The anticipation of perfect cookies when the timer goes off.
    3. My dogs’ faces when we all wake up at the same time.
    4. My husband coming home early from his long business trips.
    5. A perfect cup of milky coffee on the patio early in the morning.

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