Mother’s Day Lavender Honey Giveaway!

Lavender Honey

I’ll be the first to admit that I had some pretty ugly teenage years.

Sure. I had awkward limbs, a face full of acne, and was otherwise unfortunate looking, but I’m talking about what an utter brat I was for a solid two (plus) years.

Did you go through some seriously bratty years?  Just say yes.  We’ve all been there, right?  If you try to tell me you were a perfect angel, I just won’t believe you.

I seem to remember the distinct feeling that I knew everything there was to know about the world at the ripe old age of fifteen.  I thought most everything was beyond “annoying”, and I used that word… to death.  If eye rolling were an Olympic sport… gold medal… me.

I also had this obnoxious habit of assuming that everything that belonged to my mother, somehow also belonged to me.  From her favorite stationary, to her hidden stash of chocolates and the entire contents of her jewelry box, I acted as though it was all up for grabs.  Terrible, right?  Only when I was out in the world trying to save up my pennies to buy myself a nice box of tea, or my favorite rose lotion, did I realize that my mom deserved to have her treats without my mittens all up in them.

Lavender Honey

While I can take my obnoxious teenage years back, I suppose my real penance will come when my own teenage daughter pillages my valuables.  Until that joyous time, here’s what I’m going to do:  I’m going to give one of you a jar of beautiful French Lavender Honey.

Leave me a comment in this post and tell me this:

Tell me how your mom is spectacular, despite your possible teenage indiscretions.

I know a lot of you are moms, tell me what makes it all worthwhile.

I’d really like for this lovely honey to go to a Mom… it is, after all, Mother’s Day.  Maybe that means you’re a hard working Mom and need a tea and toast break.  Maybe that means you win this honey and give it to your Mom as a “thanks for being awesome” gift.

Comments close Thursday at midnight Pacific Standard Time and the winner will be chosen by the Random Number Generator.  Happy Mother’s Day!

301 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Lavender Honey Giveaway!

  1. My mother…the ultimate giver…the ultimate doer. My mother has always aimed to please, no matter what. She is a great friend now and now I understand her persistence when it came to giving, giving, giving – she just wanted to make us happy. The most repetitive thing that my mother did that (looking back) I always ended up enjoying was when she would ask us if we’d like something to eat or a snack. No matter what your answer was, she made something and we never turned it down. Always trying to put a smile on our faces. With great cooking skills she succeeded…always.

  2. My mom is amazing, and this is just one of the reasons why:

    One day I was on my way to my parents’ house to pick up my dog they’d were watching while I was in class all day, and I was talking to my mom on the phone about how I was so hungry for her homemade macaroni and cheese. I hadn’t eaten dinner and it was getting late..and can you believe that I arrived to find that my mom had made me an individual portion of her homemade macaroni and cheese in a mini bread pan for me! It was just ready to come out of the oven when I got there.

    That is just a little portion of love sprinkled with breadcrumbs, if you ask me.

  3. I truly appreciate how my mom has always been supportive and there for me during difficult times. Whether it was school consuming my life (it still is), or personal situations causing stress she’s always been there for me to offer advise and counsel. She’ll go out of her way to create a special meal here and there for me just because she cares. I’m looking forward to this Sunday to show her how much I appreciate her.

  4. My mom always put us first, but never let on that is what she was doing. She never made it seem like she was sacrificing for us.

  5. I spent my teenage years declaring I would never, ever be like my mother. Now I can only hope I’ll be as good of a mother as she was and continues to be. Why is she awesome? Because she’s survived breast cancer three times, and never felt bad for herself, just buckled down and fought it each time. Because she went to work so I could go to a crazy expensive college, and she’s still paying for that college, 11 years after I graduated. Because she’s supportive of me, no matter what. Because she’s hilarious. Because she knows when to be my mother and when to be my friend. And so many more reasons….

  6. My mom always finds the silver lining, whatever the situation. She’s an eternal optimist, and I’m glad to report that on occasion I hear myself consoling others with her words. She’s always outwardly calm, and rarely raises her voice. I’m sure that these qualities are why she has so few wrinkles and looks about 10 years younger than she is. :)

  7. My mom is great for so many reasons and I am often forwarding your blog posts to her because I have many memories of baking with her. We baked instead of watching TV or playing video games growing up. We baked together and shared what we made with friends and family (especially during the holidays). I still love baking to this day and find it very therapeutic.

    I’m in the early stages of becoming a mom myself (recently started the adoption process) and it is something I hope to carry on with my kids.

  8. My mom has always been my biggest fan and supporter, but she’s always on the level with me. She’s never afraid to give me constructive feedback, while encouraging me in all of my pursuits. I’m thankful for her strong personality. She’s helped make me into the assertive woman that I am today!

  9. My husband just lost his job and my mother has been the most supportive of all the family and friends. She related her own job loss from 6 years ago, gave him encouraging words and promised to help us if we needed it (seeing as we just bought our house last year). It took this moment to realize how much I really needed to appreciate my mother and what a wonderful, supportive woman she is because I never realized this when I was younger.

  10. Great question. Where to start? My mother topped it all by supporting me when I came home pregnant at 14. How is that for teenage indiscretions. She cried, devastated, but told me she would help me raise my baby. My oldest daughter is now 15, has 3 younger sisters and brothers, and is growing into an amazing woman herself. So much of my success all goes back to my mom deciding to hug me that day.

  11. I just found out I’m going to become a mom, which is pretty exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Maybe some lavender honey, a scone and a cup of tea will soothe my nerves (and please God, my hormones!).

    What I appreciate about my own mom is that she is an amazing support to people. She’ll get right in the trenches with anyone who needs anything and do whatever physical, manual, tangible work she can to ease their load. She’ll pack boxes, drive a moving truck across the country, cook meals, sit with grieving friends in funeral homes, you name it. I think it’s the reason I find myself saying to people, “What can I do to help?” when anything is wrong. She has shown me that the things which seem smallest to us when all is well – a load of laundry washed and folded, for example – can be overwhelming when we’re in a state of chaos. She gives of herself endlessly.

  12. I’m a mom, well, sorta. I have two of the most spoiled, unappreciative, manipulative, down-right self-centered kids in the world: they’re boxers. That’s right, boxers. Tuckerman, my brindle 1 1/2 year-old designer boy, and Layla, my fawn 2 year-old rescue girl. Despite being brats, they bring me utter joy and companionship. I have to feed them, give them their vitamins disguised in peanut butter, clean, house, even cloth (we live in Boston and they have short coats) them. Deliver them to playdates, visit Dr. Massoff, tooth brush, eye-boogie wipe, and boo-boo kiss just the same as any other mother. Being dogs, they don’t get too many sweet treats, but one natural sweetener they are allowed to indulge in on occasion is honey! So, not unlike yourself, I’m pretty sure they’d manage to get their mittens all up in their mom’s prize honey as well. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there, skin or fur children!

  13. My mom introduced me to the awesomeness that is What’s Up Doc, a movie that, if you haven’t seen, you absolutely should. For that alone, she deserves delicious honey and a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  14. My mom never had the best clothes or shoes because she spent the majority of her money making sure we came first. She never once complained about it. Mom loves us all unconditionally and would be there for us in a heartbeat if we needed her.

    Much love to all the great moms out there.

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