Lucy and Ethel

Tomatoes Grow

Hi.  Hello.  Hey!

I hope your weekend is going swimmingly.

I just wanted to take a moment and introduce you to my tomatoes, Lucy and Ethel.

I’d also like to answer a few questions.

Yes, I’ve named my first two tomatoes after Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy.

Yes, I love that show.

Yes, I seem to have become abnormally attached to my tomatoes.  No, I don’t feel bad about that.

Tomatoes Grow

Also, this is happening.  I better start thinking of more names… and quick.

Are you gardening?

50 thoughts on “Lucy and Ethel

  1. my apartment is on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a row house. i have a balcony, so i’m growing parsley and basil from seeds. i’m also trying patio tomatoes (2) in a large pot. mint too (mint = ,mojitos). i hope the tomatoes do well – my all time favorite is a tomato sandwich.

  2. I feel the same way about my plants. I have been ooing and aahing over my tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. My daughters and I check daily to watch the progress. It’s such fun!

  3. Oh, and I tried your Raspberry Lemonade recipe. People in my town talk about it now, haha!

    I tried some variations with strawberries and blackberries too. Both were delicious. I’m a pulp type person too, so I strain the raspberry sauce or anything and the texture came out perfectly for me.

  4. I’m so excited for you!! Seeing your first little ‘maters make their appearance is so fun! I can’t wait till you get to pull off the vine (plant?) and eat ’em up or put them in something delicious!

    Love your blog. Love your stories. Think you’re way cool. If I lived in LA, I would so come to your picnic and I would so make you be my bff. Just so you know.


    Have a fab day!

  5. I just picked my first fully ripe tomato today and I’m so excited to have it for dinner. No, I don’t name mine, otherwise I would not be able to eat them. ;-) Plus, I have 8 plants and would run out of names way too soon. Enjoy yours!

  6. Your plant names are adorable.
    Lucy and Ethel are perfect…but you are right I think you need a few more names.Do you have any other garden plants?

  7. I wish them well, that they may grow up to be scrumptious, juicy delights and that they don’t end up like Thelma and Louise!

  8. I am totally gardening but no tomatoes since my garden lives on a 15th floor balcony in the “windy” city. But I have three pots full of herbs!

    Are you going to be able to eat them once you name them? ;-P

  9. Don’t worry. I peed my pants (almost) when I saw my first baby tomatoes. Sometimes your motherly instinct kicks in and if you don’t have kids or a pet, you have to mother something. For me it’s my plants!

  10. Yes! I am gardening. Just today I bought and planted parsley, basil, peppermint, thyme, and oregano. I just used the peppermint for the first time something which is one more time than I used last year’s peppermint plant. I also got some impatiens and coleus. Can’t wait to say hi to my plants every morning now!

  11. I have heirloom tomato plants, pepper plants and squash planted, along with cucumbers planted to train their curly cues up my fence. I’ve planted rosemary, thyme, sweet basil and lime basil. I also have a raised bed with greens…and a heck of a lot of mint growing into my grass. I’m tickled with my garden…but have yet to get a Lucy and Ethel. My plants are still babies…not pre adolescents yet.

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