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Peach Brulee

Peach Brulee

Reason #457 why I love this warm weather, sunny spring that leads into summertime:  the ponytail.

It’s bouncy, it’s festive, it helps me look like I’m having a good time even when I’m just standing in line at the grocery store, and it makes me feel like a cheerleader… which is strangely satisfying.

The ponytail is simple and uncomplicated.  I think I’m going to make the ponytail, and the fun simplicity it represents, the theme for the lovely summer we’re working towards.

I think that summer fruit is so fun and just bursting with bright flavors.   Most need very little fuss when it comes to preparation.  Why complicate something that’s already lovely?

This Peach Brulee is just three ingredients and it’s a gorgeous way to start the day.  Make it for breakfast and top the warm peaches with thick Greek yogurt, or make enough peach halves to serve after a big dinner with friends and family.  For one or for many, this simple peach recipe shows off the best of what’s in store for us this summer.  Go forth and broil…. and please sport a ponytail this summer.  It’s rad.

Peach Brulee

Peach Brulee

for one serving, but can easily be increased according to your needs

adapted from Good Food on kcrw

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1 peach, cut in half with pit removed

2 spoonfuls brown sugar

2 spoonfuls sour cream, creme fraiche, yogurt or whipped cream

Turn on the oven’s broiler.  Cut peach in half, remove pit and place in a broiler safe pan, cut side up.  Sprinkle brown sugar over the tops of he peaches.  Place in the broiler, very close to the flame.  Stand by the oven, you don’t have time to check the mail.  Check the peaches every minute, the sugar will brown in about 2 minutes, if not sooner.

Remove from the oven once the sugar has become brown and toasted.  Let cool for one minute.  Carefully place peach halves on a plate and dollop the center of the peach with a touch of sour cream or creme fraiche or yogurt.  Serve immediately.