You + Me = Picnic?


Me in a tree.  Wanna join me?

The truth is… I think we should totally hang out.  You and me, and you, and you and me.  Can we get together!?

I mean it.  It’s just about summer, it’s beautiful outside, the parks are just begging us to visit, and we’re still wading our way through this financial mess.  In other words… we’re kinda broke and it’s sunny out, right?

What say we all get together for a picnic?  No joke.  We’ll have lemonade and cupcakes, we’ll throw around a Frisbee (don’t worry, I suck), I’ll bring some cookies to decorate,  loads of them… we can talk about baking and blogging and anything else we’re equally obsessed with.  It’s on me.  Are you in?

Think of it as one of those fancy blogging conventions except with cupcakes and waaaay more fun.

I haven’t planned this whole shin dig yet.  It’s still just a thought bubble floating above my head.  What I need to know is… well…  if you’re in the Los Angeles area, would you come?  For real.  Be honest.  Don’t let me throw a party and buy balloons and then not show up.

If you think you’d like to come to a Joy the Baker Big Fat Picnic Party where I bake things and you come eat them… if you think you’d bring your friends and family and dogs and birds… then leave a comment in this post expressing interest.  Be real.  I need to know if I’m an absolute maniac for dreaming something like this up or not.  Your thoughts, I need ’em.

Picnic?  Discuss.

1Cupcakes as far as the eye can see

Oh!  What if I promise to bring some of these!?

309 thoughts on “You + Me = Picnic?

  1. I would so be there, but unfortunately, the commute from DC would be just horrific (and that’s saying something, especially when you look at my current commute!). Should you ever be out this way, however, there is a kitchen in my house that is just begging for a real baker to grace it’s hardwood floors and granite countertops. I’m just sayin’… ;)

    Even though I won’t get to partake in the picnic madness, I have to say that it is incredibly cool that you have so many international fans! Congrats on your global appeal!

  2. So Ms. Bakerella it seems you have many international viewers (Aussie myself) may I suggest a virtual picnic? We can all bring something, tell a story, have a grand time and enjoy the outdoors — a picnic day and we all share.

  3. OMG! I would definitely be there if it wasn’t for the long flight from Amsterdam. You could post the recipes for the picnic so everybody around the world makes the same. Then collect pictures of all these picnics and post them!

  4. I would totally come… BUT, I live in Italy. So that might be hard ): You are my favorite blogger to follow. Everything would be fantastic, I’m sure. I would love to have a Picnic Party! Let me know if you visit Naples!!

  5. Oh why oh why must I live in New Jersey!! My husband begs me to move to L.A. constantly (he travels there for work all the time and is in love with the weather, energy, and food!!) If I ever take him up on the offer, I’d love to take you up on the offer as well–a picnic with Joy the Baker?? It would be a dream come true to meet one of the most talented bakers out there!!!!!!!! There will be some lucky tummies at that picnic!!

  6. Well Joy, after reading your blog for so long, and being a little bit nervous about posting a comment, I’d just love to say if I had enough money to get my cakey ass on a plane, id be sure to join you. Your blog makes me so happy and makes me smile endlessly! it perks me up on a day when i am sat in the office wishing to be and doing something else!! Thank you Thank you for this post today…. how i’d love to be there, but ill certainly be having a picnic in honour!!


  7. Another one from your international crowd… I’d love to come, but Slovenia is a bit far… But we can have the picnic here, I see there are quite a few Europeans here, so you could come over here.. I’d let you borrow my oven. ;)
    And I also like the idea of simultaneous picnics. Who will come to mine?

  8. You’re not crazy – we just did something similar here in Zurich where lots of bloggers and blog readers met up at a cafe on a Sunday afternoon and drank milkshakes and ate apple strudel. It was awesome!
    Love from Switzerland!

  9. Unfortunately I’d be flying a lot too to get there! How about people in other places have picnics in sync with you around the globe?! That would be cool :) …All the way from Ireland.

  10. I’d love to come, but for me too it would be a bit silly to hop on a plane just for a picnic… Just post pictures of the fun, all right? So that all of us who cannot be there, can join a little bit too… Love from Belgium!

  11. I’d love to be there, but that would mean, I’d have to cross some oceans for a picnic. But anyways, you are not a silly dreamer, I’m sure in the course of the day you won’t know, what park could host all those who’ll come. :)
    Love, from Vienna!

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