Joy the Baker Picnic: Rooftop and Cupcakes

Rooftop Picnic

A few weeks ago I threw a little idea out into the world:  a Joy the Baker picnic.

Well… holy heck!  We’re doing it!

Joy the Baker is throwing a rooftop cupcake party smack dab in the middle of gorgeous downtown Los Angeles.  Consider it a room with a view (the view pictured above silly!)… and no roof and tons of cupcakes and sweet tea.

Sunday August 23rd from 2pm until 7pm.  Downtown Los Angeles.

This event is not a pot luck situation.  It’s more of a eat-all-the-Joy-the-Baker-cupcakes-you-can situation.

If you’d like to attend, send an email to joythebakerpicnic (at) gmail (dot) com

I’ll email you the fancypants invitation late next week.

Now… a girl can only make so may cupcakes.  In the event that I have to limit the guest list, invitations will go out on a first come, first serve basis.  Get your emails in!

Not in Los Angeles?  Don’t fret!  I have plans for you to play along wherever you live.  You might call it a virtual picnic!  Stay tuned for that!

I want to see your shining faces!

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67 thoughts on “Joy the Baker Picnic: Rooftop and Cupcakes

  1. I love this. I’m originally from LA, now in Atlanta and so sad I won’t be there for this undoubtedly awesome event. I’ll be sure to check in virtually but do you think you can maybe overnight some cupcakes to me ;)

  2. Ok, it’s in my calendar: Sunday 11 pm to Monday 4 pm :-)
    I guess I’ll be picknicking a little earlier than you… but it seems there’s a lot of European people here, so at least we’ll be celebrating on more or less the same time :-D

  3. So great of u to include us East Coast folk, though I long to be at the “real” picnic, not the virtual one! I am in via the computer though! Keep me posted please! thanks for hosting!!

  4. ohhhh I would like to go there. But i live in Spain……too far away. No problem. I will be waiting for the photos and i will make my own cupcakes……chocolate chocolate of course. Have a nice day!!!!

  5. I agree with Linda Y – thanks for thinking of all of us non-LA people too! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the event, which will no doubt be a blast :)

  6. I just found your blog and I am hooked! What a great idea for a virtual picnic :) Can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like :)

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