Rooftop Picnic Update!


Oooooh geez!  

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  

I received an overwhelming response to my rooftop picnic plans.  You and you and you over there…. you guys are rad!  

I’ll send out email invitations later today.  Keep your eyes peeled.  

Unfortunately, because of the huge response, I am unable to extend an invitation to each and every one of you.  I received more requests than I have room for.  Bummer.  Total bummer.  But stay close!  I’ll let you know as more spaces become available.  I want to see as many of your smiling faces as possible.  Wait…. have I mentioned that I’m shy?  I guess on August 23rd I’m not shy… not shy at all.

Let’s not forget the virtual picnic!  More details on that as the date approaches.

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27 thoughts on “Rooftop Picnic Update!

  1. D’oh, I should’ve read this post BEFORE sending you an email.

    Guess I’ll join you virtually. And I know all about shyness. LA is good for shy people in the sense that you never really meet anyone. But also bad because you do want to meet people and it’s just that much harder :-(

  2. Sign me up for the virtual picnic! Any way you can send smells over the internet? I’ll be attending from Chicago!

  3. I’m too far to even dream about joining the real picnic. I’m happily scheduling myself for the virtual version, though!

  4. I so want to join the virtual picnic, and if I’m not working I will. All my friends will be gone to college then, and I’ll still be hanging around as I am the last to leave home for school this year. At least I’ll have you guys.

  5. Well I tried to cut down on your responses for that entry just cuz I knew that it was a bit of a travel…not that you aren’t worth it….LOL….but I will be there in spirit…Have fun!

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