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Baggu Really Does Love You!

August 12, 2009

Baggu Bags 

We have cute bags to talk about!  Can you stand a bit more Baggu talk?  Good… because I’ve got good news. 

There are two Baggu set winners.  Two lucky ladies out of the thousand of you who commented (geeeez!) that win the two colorful sets above.

But really… WE ALL WIN!

Baggu is offering Joy the Baker readers a 15% discount on cute bag purchases made through the weekend.  Yea!  Cool, right?  All you have to do is pick your favorite Baggu colors, checkout and type JOY (all caps) in the coupon area.  Easy as pie!  Thanks Baggu.  We like you.  We think you’re terrific.  We also think that people should use the word ‘terrific’ more often.  

Baggu set winners are Barefoot Rooster (do roosters wear shoes?) and Mindy Harris.  Congratulations!

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  • Thanks for the discount! I’m a long time reader, I think first time commenter but I just had to poke my head out to say thank you! I’ve been thinking about ordering these bags for a while but I finally bought some.

    Looking forward to more yummy recipes

  • aw shucks! Congrats to the winners though!

  • hurray for the winners! and hurray for all of us getting the discount – thanks joy!

    i made fudge sauce last night…. had it with strawberry ice cream (not homemade, boo, i know, but blue bunny is yummy, too), then bananas, and then i had to lick the bowl a bit.. and now there’s a tiny bit left for toniiiiight!! it rocks my world ;)

  • Oh, no! I just found the blog yesterday and didn’t have time to enter! The bags are really cute!

    Congrats, winners!

  • Congrats to the winners!

    And YAY for the discount! *scampers off to buy them*

  • If only I would have waited! I placed an order for them as soon as I saw this on your site! They were just too cute!

  • congrats to the winners! and thanks joy for being so great that baggu felt inclined to extend a discount to all your readers… i just placed an order for 3 baggus! gonna be so stylish, can’t hardly stand myself.

  • Congrats All Winners! I wish Singapore also have such contests too!

  • ooooooh! I just went and ordered umm… 4 Baggus and a baby baggu … *erhem* I would like to add that you are EVIL- you make me eat far too many cookies and spend money on far too many new shopping bags – to put more ingredients for more cookies in!
    Thanks for the discount!

  • Cheers to the winners! You and Baggu are very generous. Many thanks for the discount!

  • congrats to winners!
    shout out to baggu & JOY!

  • Thanks for the discount… I just bought 2! :) Can’t wait to use them!

  • Congrats to the winners!!! :) Thanks for the 15% off too!! :)

  • oh yay! this is very exciting. while the idea of a real rooster wearing shoes may be somewhat ridiculous, for me, “barefoot” is more of a state of mind!

    emailing you with my info!

  • Congratulations to the winners! :D
    Roosters can wear shoes if they feel like wearing shoes, I suppose. But I don’t think they’d be comfortable.
    Is Baggu awesome or what? ;)

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