Joy the Baker’s Cutting Room Floor

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I think it’s important that you all know something about what comes out of my kitchen:  it ain’t all pretty folks.  Not every creation that comes out of my kitchen is pretty, polished and ready for its blog debut.  The reality is that I have my fair share of flops, dropped eggs, burned butter and dirty dishes… I just don’t usually show those kitchen tidbits with you.  Tricky, right?

Today is your lucky day.  Here’s a peek at the flops, disasters and otherwise icky recipes I’ve tried and trashed.

Cutting Room Floor

Chilled Blueberry Soup.  Ok, seriously.  Who are you trying to fool?  This was just an elaborate recipe for blueberry juice.  You tricked me and I resent you Blueberry Soup.  This won’t be soon forgotten.

Cutting Room Floor

Low Fat Chocolate Mousse with tofu.  I think I over whipped the eggs with this little darling.  It was so thick and tough   just all around noooooooot cute.

Cutting Room Floor

Greek Yogurt Frozen Yogurt.  I wanted to love you, but holy heck you were thick and rich.  Too thick.  Too rich.

Cutting Room Floor

This Nectarine Cobbler overflowed… big time… while I was one the phone.  There was screaming and cursing… mostly because I should have known better.

Cutting Room Floor

You were supposed to be a fresh peach scone.  Instead you decided to be a bland peach cookie… that’s just not good enough.

Cutting Room Floor

Ooooh Cinnamon Rolls.  You didn’t fail me.  I love you.

Cutting Room Floor

Chocolate Chip Potato Chip Cookies.  I must have eaten a cool dozen of these cookies trying to decide if they were good or not.  I knew with each cookie that they were absolute rubbish.  Bleck.

Cutting Room Floor

Apricot Scones. Flat and beige Apricot Scones.  Note to self:  figure out how to make scones.  Seriously, how have you not mastered this yet Joy?

Cutting Room Floor

Avocado Milkshake.  Boooooring picture plus do not like.  The photo and taste gods were not with me on this day.  For this, and for all of these recipes that I tried and failed.. well, I suppose I just have to shrug my shoulders and laugh you off.  Thanks for the lessons… and the memories?

106 thoughts on “Joy the Baker’s Cutting Room Floor

  1. You’re not perfect. It’s wrong to think, but it make me very happy to know this. I was beginning to worry that you were some sort of supernatural kitchen goddess. Whew. And your flops only make us admire and appreciate you more! Thank you for sharing. (OH and if you like, I have a very easy, highly delicious, pumpkin scone recipe)

  2. hi joy,

    i love this post! made me think about all the ‘could have beens’ on my blogs. thanks for all of the lovely posts and dishes, your blog is a joy to ready. :)

  3. I made a butter and shallot sauce to accompany a chicken dish a few weeks back. It came out purple. PURPLE! I followed the directions…or I thought I did.

    Glad to see you’re human and one of us. (Even though we know that’s really not true.)

  4. For my sisters wedding, I attempted to make a three tiered wedding cake. ALL of the cakes I made sank in the middle. I had used this recipe once before and it sank, but I had figured it was a fluke. I tried reducing the amounts of batter, slapping it and not slapping it on the counter a couple times, mixing barely, over mixing, reducing the temperature. My baking powders and sodas seemed active enough. Such a failure, but a consistent failure and my fault for trusting this recipe again. But, I cut the tops off and managed a cute chocolate two tiered cake with tiny white flower details.

  5. I’m with the rest . . . Love this post! And the cinnamon rolls were a huge hit at work, I was asked to scribble your website onto several scraps of paper to pass on the Joy.

  6. I love this!! I love the humble adventures and sharing them with us… I have so many flops behind the walls of my kitchen but the amount that come out successful make up for it, right?!

    Ok those cinnamon rolls…. mmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. This makes me feel so much better – an upside down cake I tried this weekend was a HUGE fail.

    But avocado shakes can be really good!

  8. It’s reassuring to know that nobody’s perfect. But even your failures don’t look bad to me. My biggest were the cupcakes which grew too much then collapsed and of course the potato gratin where the milk separated. Ugh!

  9. You should see the sourdough bread I made this past weekend, it looked like a deflated whoopee cushion. Edible, I just sliced it horizontal instead. :-)


  10. How I love you!! You’re simply a very special normal person! Everyone has something to be embarrassed in the kitchen…and someway the most “perfect” one tries to fool us: but everyone knows the truth. You’re so pure to sharing with us every “failure” that everyone of us feels you Right. Thanks to bring me your joy…even when it’s not soo joyful!!

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