Saying Goodbye to Summer

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

I feel like it’s just about time to say goodbye to summer.  I think I’m just about ready to trade in peaches for pears and white wine for red.  Just about ready.

The best way to bid farewell to such a gorgeous season is to do something quintessentially LA…. and if we can work in a smokey sunset and some wine… well, that’s living.

Here’s some of our end of summer adventure.  What are you doing with your end of summer days?  Does it involve wine?  It should.  It really should.

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Barnsdall Art Park is smack dab in the middle of Hollywood.  It’s a gorgeous little park and museum that offers all sorts of lovely things like art classes, Shakespeare in the park, picnicking, fantastic views of Los Angeles, and weekly summer wine tasting.

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Here’s something you should know about me and my lady friends.  If you say wine… we’re there.  Ooooh are we ever speedy and punctual when it comes to a good wine tasting.

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Aaand we bring our cameras.  As lovely as a wine tasting is, taking pictures of a wine tasting just ups the fun… mostly because we’re camera dorks.

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Two things:

Whitney’s glasses are soooooo Jackie O 2009.  Seriously.

The Malbec Rose from Argentina Whitney is holding was a(to the)mazing!

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Los Angeles is one hot smoky place these days.  The end of summer seems to mean the beginning of fire season.

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

The smoky, daunting skies usually don’t stop people from coming out to play in the park and eat gourmet hot dogs from a truck.  We’re mostly like… ‘wait, is that smoke or smog?  I’m confused. Ohhh, did you say wine and hot dogs!? I’m not on fire… I’m there.’

Barnsdall Wine Tasting

Yep.  It’s just about time to pack up those swimsuits (thank goodness!) and start thinking about sweet potato pie (hooooray!).

Whatever you do to say goodbye to summer, do it out in the sun with your friends… will ya?

18 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Summer

  1. I don’t say good bye to summer, rather hello fall! I love apple picking, pumpkin bread, the leaves, the crisp air – forget summer! I don’t think fall is as glorious in southern California as it is in the midwest though.

  2. I agree with you. Granted, I will miss all this lovely summer produce when January arrives. For now, I’m longing for red, orange, and golden colored trees, chilly afternoons, and the smell of cinnamon and other spices filling the house!

    P.S. I can’t wait to start wearing fall clothing so I can put on my annual five (or ten) pounds of winter weight. So many pies…

  3. It’s still hot & humid here in South Georgia and Lemon Bars are in the oven. It ain’t over till it’s over :)

  4. We spent the day with my 1 year old daughter at the state fair, introducing her to the cows and piglets that populate her favorite books. Then had a picnic dinner and ice cream for dessert. Perfect.

  5. My goodbye to summer is always connected with the festival that we celebrate in our parish usually on the last Sunday of August. In outward terms it means wearing your nicest summer dress, eating candy floss and blowing soap bubbles. I did it all today, I’m ready for autumn to come!

  6. I ate pumpkin pie for breakfast, so that gives you some idea of how ready I am for fall in AZ. We’re off to Las Cruces next weekend for the Wine Harvest and Chile Festivals…that will certainly be a nice end to summer. (Best part-seeing our oldest son!)

  7. Yesterday it was 60 degrees as my friends and I walked around Boston – we were in jeans and a jacket and sneakers. This is after it was 85 only a few days ago. But it feels surprisingly nice to be bundled and warm, so I guess I’m ready for fall myself. Today is going to be baking pies, paprika chicken stroganoff and cookies, which feels like more fall dishes. And more red wine too. Sounds like a good day.

  8. What a lovely way to finish summer. Here in Berlin, the days are cooler, although Tuesday should be a scorcher. Still, I’m looking forward to all those apple pies and long evenings in a warm kitchen (with your recipes of course).

  9. On on unseasonably cold day in Chicago, I was beginning to think about red wine myself. We do have one last hurrah planned for next weekend involving beer brewing and EVERYTHING (buns, ketchup, mustard)homemade burgers. Then onto the pears….

  10. It doesn’t feel like the end of summer here in Florida yet. It is rainy as ever, hot & humid. I’ll bet we don’t see “Fall” until November. But, I’ll keep doing sunset on the beach with a glass of wine till then!

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